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I'm really interested to see how the Man of Steel balances "throwing bones" for fans, but keeping it accessible for the popcorn eating masses. It's a balancing act that some comic book based films struggle with.

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Just got back from watching "Man of Steel". I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would highly recommend it to any fan of Superman. Great film and I hope it does well at the box office! :)

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it was really good it did justice to the franchise

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I'll check out Man of Steel when it hits Netflix. Doesn't seem worth a trip to the theatres.

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you are wrong on that.... you should go see it

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Going to wait till monday to see Man of Steel but I cannot wait.

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fantastic movie....great jumping off point for the rest of DC universe movies

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Yeah can't wait for man of steel. The movie's about his cup isn't it? It's all I see when I see previews is his cup. Smart costume accessory.

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It was a great movie. As a film and a Superman story, all things considered, I'm pretty satisfied. I didn't want a retread of the Donnerverse; they already made the Donnerverse. Making something different was fine, and I'm happy with what came out. +1.

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Good movie I thought it was! Sure, I was nitpicky about a few things but overall I was quite entertained with Man of Steel. Good wrap up, Sara!

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I'll check out Man of Steel when it hits Netflix. Doesn't seem worth a trip to the theatres.

Yeah, if you are not a spastic fanboy that needs to be the first to fap off to the ridiculously pointless battle scenes than yeah, it's a rental. The more time that passes from leaving the theater the more mediocre the movie seems.

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I love how they developed Superman in this film. It flet like a remaking of the franchise with the added stuff, but it worked! It made it more believable and real.

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This movie was great, it may have started out kinda slow, but they didn't hold back on feats, the action was great, and also the way they developed the story, I would recommend this to anyone who likes action movies in general.

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I've never really gotten into Superman, but this was an absolutely incredible movie. i've never seen a movie on this grand of scale. cant wait to see it again!

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Thanks for the news! Its just an awesome feeling to know that WW and Aquaman movies are coming up. I really relly hope to see it leading to a JL movie!

BTW: Love the bookshelf and collection behind you Sara!

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Are you all crazy? Man of Steel was terrible. It had no plot and was a waste of great actors and great characters.

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THIS MOVIE IS SUPER, IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great backdrop! Don't know how I feel about owning so many of the titles on display....I don't work in the industry.....shouldn't have so many.....