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Posted by darkrider

welcome back sara

Posted by RoTheKid

Great video wrap up, Sara! Do you play the Injustice game? Also, what did you think of Iron Man 3?

Posted by SavageDragon

Glad to have you back


. I cant wait for Man of Steel.

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We've missed you Sara!

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Hip-hip Hurray, For Sara's Return!! We've missed you on CV. Hope you enjoyed your European vacation. You picked a pretty good few weeks to be out of the country. The background selection was nice for teh video. Hair's looking good, too.

A lot do manga do what HELLBOY is trying out with the kid friendly version. A lot of high rated manga create chibi-style comic series, often illustrated by other artists. Some even get really popular.

Do we really need another X_MEN comic? Not to mention, yet another fight between the X-Men factions?

I haven't seen IRON MAN 3 just yet, but I'm also avoiding all trailers and TV commercials. The commercials are the hardest ones, because they just tend to appear.

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Sara ftw!! I'm actually so excited for the upcoming X-Men cross over... I hope it's good.

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I'm just gonna keep posting how much fun C2E2 was.

Also, I'd like to hear Matt Kessler's thoughts on this Batgirl DLC news. And how this affects Robin's pants.

Posted by kcvic

like everyone says welcome back ....nice background..nice hair...great news.... thanks

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Good to see you back Sara! Hope you enjoyed your holiday, have you had a chance to see Iron man 3 yet?

Posted by lifeboy

I noticed you said 'what's up guys' in your intro. Is that acceptable to say even though there may be girls watching as well? I'm not taking a shot at you, I just want to know because i have phased that statement out of my verbalizations, thinking it is improper. But if it is ok to still say that, then I want to start saying it again.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

I liked Ironman 3 it was anout equal to 2.

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Like the new backdrop for the set Sara, so much better then the plain black.

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Those injustice skins look great! The Harley Quinn one is my favorite. There is a whole section devoted to Injustice here: http://marveldcforum.com/index.php?board=18.0

Also, Iron Man 3 was sick, but the Mandarin was a let down.

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WB, Sara! Always great to see you back :)

Posted by GeekOfKrypton

As a Shane Black movie I guess it was good enough but as a CBM? it was okay to watch, it was a bit crappy. I didn't pay good money to see Tony Stark Secret Agent. War Machine was made to look impotent and unnecessary. The so called "Super Hero" got saved by his freaking girlfriend. SMH.

I didn't mind the twist with the Mandarin seems similar to what Nolan did with Ras Al Ghul in Batman Begins.

I would have liked it better if Tony had augmented the Extremis formula and used it on himself as in the graphic novel because he himself in the movie said that he is just a man in a tin suit.

Plus...his replusor rays take too long to power up and fire, he can be defeated by anyone much faster than him and I guess that's why so many of the suits got destroyed by the Extremis soldiers. He really did look slow fighting in the suit.

I still give it a 3 out of 5 stars.