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first grade was hard for me!

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how long till my comment magically becomes,

"first grade was hard for me"

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Nice segment. I missed out on so many interviews.

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Looked as if you were filming this from a secret, undisclosed location. Are you on the run from federal authorities, Sara? Thanks for the news.

I actually sent you a Tweet after listening to the podcast that I thought you might find helpful.

I'm very interested in the new BATMAN game. Partly, becasue I played the hell out of ARKHAM CITY. I loved those combat challenges. Catwoman was so much fun. I wish she had more to do in story.

In CV wiki related news. I finally finished my project of uploading the entire cast of the ONE PIECE manga to the Comic Vine database. We're talking nearly 500 characters. I just need to link them to the volumes now.

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@babs I've noticed the video has some editing problems. I think you should try to fix it. One of shots gets cut off to early as you are still speaking and there's another shot that repeats twice.

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@foxxfireart: No, she's not running from the news. She moved to New York and she's filming it in her new home. I think she's trying to be creative and put different posters or books on the wall each week.

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RIP Demon Knights.

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@foxxfireart: Oh ok. I wasn't being serious or mad about it.. I was wondering if you knew.

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Great wrap-up like always :) Thanks Sara!