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He-man vs DC that's pretty epic.

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I've found love for the dlc of lobo and suggest it to anyone thinking about buying it.

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The main man....

Still their season pass should have included everything including those new skins.

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great to have you back sara

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Had to watch this on You Tube since the videos don't play on my Kindle since the switch. I'm slightly curious who the jack-ass was who gave it the dis-like. I gave it a like and comment, and I nearly never comment on You Tube.

Appreciate the work, Sara. You might want to check Marvel's Facebook. They posted a picture of the cast for the AGENTS OF SHIELD series.

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Why's Hulk so mad at Sara? :(

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Great wrap up, Sara! :)

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DC vs The Masters... I'm excited

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I just noticed this report was done on my son's birthday