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I love your shirt!

Superman Unchained is going to be awesome. I'm really interested to see how Scott handles something that isn't so street level/horror based, as those seem to be his niches. And you really can't go wrong with Jim Lee, especially on something as iconic as Superman. Still not entirely sold on the title, but that's not really an issue.

I am...kind of underwhelmed about Carrie Kelly. Of all the female bat-related characters to bring to DCnU we're going with Carrie Kelly? I mean, it's cool to see new takes on old/alternate characters and it's especially great to see another female in the mix (I'd love to see more of Harper), but c'mon...Steph and Cass, please.

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Thanks for the news and very nice top....still need art on those walls I see ...have a nice weekend

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I'm not sure what to think of the Carrie Kelly news. She was never a fan of mine in DKR but this is the New 52 so I will keep an open mind.

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Why no mention of the comivine exclusive preview for Garfield #12?

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Oh man, I'm glad about carrie. Damian was an awesome charactrr and I wish he was still around but evrn though I don't knoe much about carrie except what I saw in the DKR pt 2 cartoon, I think I'm going to like her and I hope she a batman have many wonderful adventures together. Also, I don't want batman to br alone. Being alone sucks.

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Damn, I nearly forgot about the news. "Happy great weekend"? I like it. Treat every weekend like it's a holiday.

You could argue that most of the women in comics deserve more respect, but that's an ongoing issue.

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Great news Sara!

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great job once again sara

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Great news segment, keep up the great work here!