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Good recap.

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Thanks, miss.

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Superman Unchained!!

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Happy to see a news update from the CV East Coast office, but it looks like it was filmed on a Facetime camera. I had the video set to 720p, but it looked more like 240.

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Hurray, for the return of the news. You're looking especially stunning today, Sara (meaning the day you filmed this).

I'm actually thinking I need to stop watching IRON MAN 3 trailers. I don't want the movie spoiled.

Aggghhhh! Why do I always miss asking questions for the podcast when James is on? I have some good ones for him, too.

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The cobra videos are great.

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great recap.

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Get Sara a camera that actually records 720p videos please! Because either that's 240p or the compression is just crazy. The black background looked like it was animated, so much pixel noise!

Content was good otherwise, although I miss the short talks about the books themselves Tony and Sara had.

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when is Superman #17 review going to be done?

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Yay, news! :D

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Sara - I think ComicVine needs to buy you a better camera, one like Tony's

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Thanks for the succinct news segment.

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Yeah the resolution could be better but hey, a recap by Sara in any fashion's enough for me! And word is the cover for Superman: Unchained by Snyder/Lee is going to be the official cover of the Wonder Con program book here! Woohoo...twenty days left...

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Ah, very good. I was wondering if you'd do the show once you settled in. Glad to see it will continue. A nicer camera might be worth a shot in the long run but I'm happy to just have more Weekly News right now.

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CBS needs to fork out for a better camera... please.