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Allllright, good for Wondy. i just want it to be fun, and have Diana portrayed well.  Action and fun. Badass action and respectable fun. 
Poor Wizard. Hate online comics, and... thanks for the News! 

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Love the news
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good news week

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Best part of Fridays are the news.  Just in case I miss something....
What... The Human Torch is dead?????
SOFT!  They should of killed Reed, he is the most important to the whole Marvel universe. Yes J. Storm was popular, but really... his impact ripples like tad pools in the water compared to Reed or Sue dying.
and yes Poor Wizard.... it is a sign of the times....

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Corporate Business Woman? out of all the things diana's ever been or taken up as a career in her time, they choose corporate? LOL! Great news by the way and I wish they'd killed all of the FF off (except maybe Sue)!! 
Btw lookin fabbb in the news promo pic!

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So the Fantastic Four are now the Triumphant Three? Not very mercurial, I know... 
Good news delivery, Sara, albeit I'm a bit dissappointed. I had high hopes to see a slightly sloshed girl in a Wonder Woman outfit. ; )    

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Instead of a corporate executive she should be a UN Rep for Themascara.  A UN Rep who gets pulled into vigilante work because of her great power and the public calling out to her for help.  She just can't ignore them.
Maybe when they pitched it they were trying to sell it buy sucking up to the corporate executives listening to the pitch.  "yeah, she's also a corporate executive struggling to balance it all."  Corporate Exec says, "Yes, I can relate to that.  Very good.  You have your show."

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I wonder if the new Wonder Woman show will have any connections to Smallville. 

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I bought Fantastic Four #587 yesterday. I got the LAST one in the store, but I have not read it... I avoided spoilers up 'till now. 
Johnny Storm dies!?!?

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cant wait for the Wonder Woman Show! :D
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I'm a little nervous about the whole "vigilante business woman" route they're taking 
but I love Wonder Woman, so I'll give it a shot and hope for the best 
....she better not be dressed in all black though...... 
@The Impersonator:

I hope not 
Smallville was good for what it was 
but it was so vastly deviated from the comic mythology that it became its own seperate storyline / universe / continuity / earth / whatever you want to call it, that adding more to it would just be adding to Smallville not creating a new show about Wonder Woman 
it would just be Wonder Woman in the Smallville continuity

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thats one freaky smile at 1:16

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So basically they are remaking the original series of Wonder Woman instead of offering fans a look at her life from the comics... riiigghhhhht. 
Great news Babs, Perhaps Comicvine should hire all the people laid off from Wizard ;)

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If it makes you feel any better, when you were waiting for the camera to respond I was answering my laptop screen.

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Here's hoping they don't re-re-consider. Though, hearing that the premise is just a superhero-esque rehash of every "single woman" sitcom ever made. I'm kind of hoping they do.
I don't understand all this hype about a character that isn't actually dead?? Dead means you don't come back. Comic characters don't die. They go on hiatus.
I'm wondering how Comixology plans to profit on this distribution through comic stores. That store is going to be expecting a cut of the sale. Why would you pay any more on a digital version if they increase the price through the comic store site? Unless the price wont change and Comixology expects increase revenue to offset those losses.

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Yay Black Panther movie!!! Please dont f&#k it up please baby please baby baby please!
Babs I want to feed you.

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@GalactaSurfer said:
" Yay Black Panther movie!!! Please dont f&#k it up please baby please baby baby please!  Babs I want to feed you. "
I actually eat a lot, but I eat healthy and keep a consistent workout regiment. So, yeah. ....
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@Babs:  You look great Babs and eating healthy is def the way to go. I just dont want you to float away during your reviews. lol
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poor guys from Wizard :( and I don`t really like to read comic`s online . I`ts just not the same feeling !

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Honestly Wonder Woman as a corporate CEO does not bother me since she has not had much of a secret identity or solid personal life which has been a major problem for her as long as they keep the core elements (which I read that the lasso and jet would still be there) then I will give it a chance.

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RE: Wonder Woman -Character Re-Invention=Instant Fail.

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You know who I think is the new source for Comic News, Comic Vine.

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@Babs said:
" @GalactaSurfer said:
" Yay Black Panther movie!!! Please dont f&#k it up please baby please baby baby please!  Babs I want to feed you. "
I actually eat a lot, but I eat healthy and keep a consistent workout regiment. So, yeah. .... "
I workout a lot and eat healthy and get  the "you're too skinny" comments a lot too (I'm 180 @ 6', btw). It comes across as insulting and makes you feel kinda bad about yourself. I'm sure it's a lot worse feeling for a woman than a man, too.
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Haven't read a Wonder Woman comic in my life (I know, I'm deprived.), but like many of you, I think changing her to that degree is a terrible idea.  I'll stick to the comics for my first impression of her, where I'm hoping she isn't forced into an artificial "let's make her do a million things at once successfully to show how modern and liberated she is" character.  WW has always sounded like an intelligent, and powerful hero.  Sounds like enough to earn my respect without pouring on overdone character modifications.

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Looking good, Babs!

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Black Panther movie doesnt interest me.

Posted by Ston3face
@00 Raiser: Black Panther movie would be great...come onnnnn....
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The Marvel dude is fucking terrifying.

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 I'm mad she spoiled the death of one of the F4 *BEWARE* !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jakob187

I can't wait for the return of Ally McBeal...err...Wonder Woman.  =  /

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@darksoul7th said:

"  I'm mad she spoiled the death of one of the F4 *BEWARE* !!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Actually, MARVEL spoiled it the day the comic was released (TUESDAY) through the ASSOCIATED PRESS, so I don't know where you've been. 
Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

Babs gave some warning before she mentioned it anyways.
I suppose Black Panther might be nice, if only to introduce people to the whole Vibranium thing and for some different geographical locations.

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@alexw00d said:
"The Marvel dude is fucking terrifying. "

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I used to love picking up Wizard Magazine, that kinda sucks.

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Thanks for the new!

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I'm not sure about the WW show, but will definitely check it out. As far as a BP movie is concerned I just hope they do it justice. I've never really been a fan of the FF as a whole, but I actually shed a tear or two when I heard about what is happening. As for Wizard, it is a shame that they are doing this. I wonder though if they are going to at least help those they let go find employment. I wish them the best of luck in all future endeavors. 

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How can that comic book be great Johnny died although if he has a comeback that would be great but still kind of bummed although really happy for Wonder woman on NBC I am so going to watch it gonna get The Fantastic Four issue when I can  Black Panther movie just have to wait.

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Wonder Woman as CEO, blah. I think the studios are looking to keep production costs down by keeping the production design as the local color, i.e., Los Angeles. Filming a show on a set designed as Themyscira and then placing it somewhere completely different makes it costly to make. Plus, with all the scripts written almost exactly the same  and with viewership still up on most shows, why reinvent the wheel? If people like the Big Mac, just keep giving them the Big Mac, and they'll keep eating it up. Way to go, middle America. -.- 
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Hope Wonder Woman Show is awesome!

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If NBC is doing it then don't hold your breath it's going to be good.   They are just as bad as FOX when doing super hero shows.

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I don't have a problem with a reinvention as long as it is done well.  Smallville was a complete reinvention and it turned out great (IMO) and lasted.  On the other side of the coin you have Birds of Prey (never could finish watching the one and only season.)  I think Wonder Woman is a little more difficult to pull off on the screen without coming off very corny.  If they pay homage to the comic book universe character throughout the series then things like residing in Los Angeles and being a corporate exec are just the skin of the substance.  Only time will tell...

Posted by Sydpart2

Well David E. Kelly did Boston Legal which was one of the best shows on television for years IMO

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The audio isn't working for me on this video. It doesn't work for me on any of the videos anymore. Any ideas?

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@KamenRider00 said:
" The audio isn't working for me on this video. It doesn't work for me on any of the videos anymore. Any ideas? "
What browser are you using? 
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@Babs said:
" @KamenRider00 said:
" The audio isn't working for me on this video. It doesn't work for me on any of the videos anymore. Any ideas? "
What browser are you using?  "
Firefox. The audio worked fine on  my browser up until yesterday. I was watching a video and it just stopped.
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Good video. Sad to see Human Torch die.