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Posted by Arrested_Developer

Holy crap, buffy ended in 2003?  I'm getting old.

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Wow! You look amazing, Babs. ;)

Posted by marvelcomicsandbatmanfanatic

I am sick of catwoman. shouldve used bane and Mr freeze or something.

Posted by brendon277

I don't really think Anne Hatheway could play the part of Catwoman she does doesn't seem like the kind of woman to get down and purr lol 

Posted by blackair9
@rowen545:  I second  your motion
Posted by Yung ANcient One

I think its AWESOME that Tom Hardy is goin to be Bane
im serious
Inception Fav movie... 
Tom HArdy was awesome

Look at my top Detective Comics Fav List

Posted by Norusdog
@Redalert_27 said:
" Boycott First Class! Fox believes they can make any crap movie and put a few recognizable characters in it and people will flock to watch it. If the movie does bad at the box office it will force Fox to actually make a proper X-men film or hopefully encourage them to negotiate to give Marvel back the rights. "
you have no idea how these things work do you? All boycotting it will do is cause us to never see an X-Men movie until Fox loses the rights..they won't just go "well we better make a good one I guess" much less try to sell it back to marvel most likely.
What is most likely to happen if this bombs is they'll either just put out another crap one or shelf it entirely.  Now if that's what you want fine...but you're delusional if you think it bombing will "force" them to "make a good one" or sell the rights back.
Posted by Redalert_27
@norusdog:  If they shelve it completely........guess what happens.......the rights lapse and it goes back to marvel.......so its either they negotiate with marvel and still make a decent amount of change or let it lapse and lose it. But i guess people like you are going to continue to pay to watch pieces of crap.
Posted by Superhero_Jon

Not sure what I think about Anne as Catwoman, but I absolutely adore January Jones and she's looking great as Emma Frost. I'm getting kind of interested in this movie now. 

Posted by The Mast

I'll just repost something I said on another site, because there's no point retyping it:
I wouldn't condemn the film before seeing it, because I won't be seeing it. I'm condemning and boycotting what I consider to be a studio who continually mismanage this franchise and these characters.

I didn't like X-Men, but I gave them a shot with X-Men 2. The Nightcrawler scene was breathtaking, but that movie was lame too. I saw X-Men 3 because a friend paid for my ticket and the fact that I didn't pay couldn't even save me from feeling screwed.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a gigantic cluster***** and I don't see this being much better. They are spending millions and millions on these movies, they think we'll all keep paying if they keep trying.

What they need to be shown is that they've had their shot and they've failed.

If a movie sucks for one and a half of it's two hour span, can you be blamed for thinking it won't justify itself in the final half hour, and walking out? Fox have, depending on your opinion, given us not ONE good Marvel movie. I don't think so, anyway.

I totally accept that changes and stuff happen in adaptations, but how are you going to have X-Men: FIRST Class with the brother of Cyclops, but no Cyclops? How are you going to have Emma Frost and Magneto?

Magneto is wearing a uniform that looks like he stole it from a team of skydivers, and a helmet five sizes too big.

That is not the mythos of the X-Men, I'm sorry, but it's not. I can understand Xavier and Eric working together before he makes the X-Men, but not after or during. This is just one giant piss-take and, personally, I will not be told to "let go" of something that is so monumentally wrong.

They've got two characters in there who debuted in the year 2001 (Angel Salvatore, if I remember correctly) and 2003 (Azazel, if I recall). That's just not cool. They would have had a hard enough time convincing people to have faith if they'd kept it in continuity with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but now they're including people that even people who read the comics don't necessarily give a crap about.

This whole X-Men franchise is just a diabolical wreck.

All I can do is vote with my money, and I hope people will do the same. People are saying we shouldn't judge until we see it, but that's the problem, isn't it? You're already guaranteeing you'll see it. Whether it's awful or ok, it's not going to be the movie the X-Men deserve, is it? So, people should be showing Fox that their time is up and that they need to let the rights go. 
I think a boycott is something a lot of level-headed people need to consider if they have even the slightest care for this franchise. Too many people consider boycotts to be something of an over-emotional fanboy/girl action, but my post is not one from a fanboy perspective.
Furthermore, if Fox aren't stopped now, who is to say what else they'll mess up? We already know they've got Deadpool rights. So, let's send this message now, while there's still time for Fox to drop out of making an other movies.