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Posted by Jay_Ray

News this week

Posted by cameron83

A quick question,but who is babs?

Is it the girl in this video that I always see?

Posted by TwoArmed

@cameron83: Yes.

Posted by csl316

Tony starts this as a jerkface but slowly redeems himself.

Posted by Kneepawn

lol @ camel-bitch

Posted by Delphic

Wow you guys are all over the place in this vid. It's okay though, it made me laugh. I always love the news from you guys. :P

Posted by UlquiorraSchiffer

"Didn't you talk to somebody?"

"Um...no" (Worst poker face ever)

Posted by Press Oblivion

Lol . . . great to see you guys!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

On the podcast, we also learned about the shaving practices of everyone. =O Straight razors worry me. That takes a lot of trust to let someone put something so sharp near your throat.

I actually really like ELEMENTARY. I watch it on the CBS website. *shameless plug*

Yeah, dog talk!!

Posted by Outside_85

Tony is Cyborg.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@FoxxFireArt: why do they have to make American versions of everything

Posted by namtabmi

@FoxxFireArt: Elementary is win!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Sara, I believe his first name is Benedict :) Great wrap up you two!

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@Outside_85: What? You're saying I don't deserve my own comic?

@Kneepawn said:

lol @ camel-bitch

That's gonna be his new name now.

@FoxxFireArt said:

I actually really like ELEMENTARY. I watch it on the CBS website. *shameless plug*

My wife and I dig both versions. Just sucks that the next season of the BBC isn't until 2014. Elementary is good. It's fun. Not the best thing ever but good stuff for network television.

Posted by Outside_85

@G-Man: Ofc you do, written by James :)

Posted by queenfrost_

I cant get over sara's hair...omg <3


Tony I don't what crazy stuff Dan Slott has planned but did you see the variant cover of Superior Spiderman #1 with Spidey aiming a gun at the cover with a hole through the webbing?

Posted by cameron83

@TwoArmed: ok,thanks

Posted by AkumaXGouken