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Undead Cow would probably yield partially congealed milk... just saying

it would be Udder-ly ridiculous. HA!

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Am I the only one that thinks Sara could probably cosplay as an amazing Counselor Troi from ST:TNG?

Anyways, great video, can't wait for the podcast later today.

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Here's the image from I, VAMPIRE #11 Andrea tweeted at me:

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: I can never wait for podcasts. I just hope that Corey will be on this week.

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I was on my watching this on my tv and sound system and went outside super irritated to see who was leaving their car alarm on outside my house.

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Dan Slott?

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@G-Man said:

Here's the image from I, VAMPIRE #11 Andrea tweeted at me:

Well tony, what you said was true. Cause I thought it was BULL..... ah ha!

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News huzahhhhhhhh!!

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I love that you use his whole title of Sir. Ian McKellen when you say his name.

Disney hires EMPIRE STRIKES BACK screenwriter to make new STAR WARS films: =D

Disney hires X-MEN: FIRST CLASS screenwriter to make new STAR WARS films: =/

The idea that comic fans just have to wait for a character to no longer be "ruined" is part of the problem. The way comic publishers make changes for the sake of change then reverse course so quickly has done little else than create a cynical audience that can't take anything they do seriously.

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Wow there's the Vampire Cow!

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Hmm... Batman purists. I'd honestly find it interesting if they used someone else, but Batman's role in the Justice League is kind of defined by the type of dude Bruce Wayne is. Who else could pull this off?

But we don't necessarily need a reboot of the core series so soon after. They need an established Batman for JL, but it'll just feel like Amazing Spider-Man all over again.

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Who is the artist of that Jean Grey picture??

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I think it was probably a nod to Hellcow. She's a vampire cow over at marvel. One of those bizarre 70's stories.

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Another fun segment. Thanks, guys.

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@cyberchop979:  You are not alone. I also notice the Counselor Troi-ness of Babs' shirt.
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Haha looks like Tony and Sara had themselves a Brian and Stewie moment with Fatale #10. Sara: "Fatale..." Tony: "Fatal..."

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This show continues to be excellent! I didn't quite expect the 'new' news to be this much fun but they've been consistently very cool. Also, really interested in seeing how Injustice will pan out with the gaming and comic crowd respectively. With the reliable developer behind it I do think it should proof fascinating though.

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Avengers vs Xmen Movie Now!