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Awesome shirt Tony were did you get that bad boy?

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lol Trader Jawa

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Babs is so obviously in love with me, what would she be wearing the glasses otherwise.

Hey, leave me alone and let me fantasize will you?

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Am I the only one who thinks it's bad ass that if Babs doesn't think something is good she doesn't hide it? Pure awesome.

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Awesome news recap guys! What's up with the camera randomly going out of focus?

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Tony you always have the bestest shirts :D

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Great vid, guys! Thanks for posting! :)

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needham get it, lol.

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I like Earth One Superman, I thought most pepole did

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wow!Sara in fishnets!

happy days!

mmm :)

that should be friday uniform,make a rule or something! ;)

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I haven't been keeping up with the X-Books (other than the awesome Wolverine & the X-Men), but judging by the panel shown...Cyclops is the is like the new Magneto am I right? Or rather the new OLD Magneto I should say.

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I'm diggin' the Trader Jawa shirt.

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nice video ' cute gal ' she gets the ham . Cover art of Cable's team is sweet ' who drew it ? & who's the original grifter in the background . is that gambit ?.,, reviews , shiva ? i thought that was a weapon X ultron type sentinel that wolverine got to make scraps out of , whats it doing in dc comics with a wig ? o'well .., tuff that marvel is going to keep messing with the time stream & pull the old xmen to now ' as if crossovers of alter-universes weren't written badly by dc comic skrull writers working in marvel now . For now i'll keep track of the great artists that illustrate story in their artwork instead of reading bad stories & seeing horrible art . what ever happened to Ms . Marvels cape ? did Carol Danvers leave it at the dry cleaners in the 1980s & some morlock stole it & is gonna be a new epic crossover better than AVX , let me know when something like that happens .

...till then...

Make Mine Marvel .

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Very nice of Needham Comics to give you such cool swag. Great to see someone pursue his efforts with creating and self-publishing a comic. Awesome.

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Ha! Mad props for the "Cobra" poster guys.

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Very Cool Man

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Video features a fantastically awkward ending. And friendly discussions.

Also, a fancy hat.

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@Decept-O: @Webjaker: Thanks you guys. And thanks Tony and Sara. I do try my best. Monkey Boy #1 and #2 are currently on sale here ($3.00 each):

and my Monkey Boy and Almighty Dollar T-Shirts are on sale here:

@Babs: I really hope you and Tony liked Monkey Boy #2 and the two t-shirts, even if swag was a little self serving or whatever. I do appreciate your site and your guy's input. Sorry if my logo was too gross for you, since I drew it its totally not real to me or gross so I often forget others might get upset by it. And I know you were joking, but now I really wish I had sent an autographed picture. Maybe with my fist under my chin like a yearbook photo. heh.

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I enjoyed the news video. I enjoyed that article about the possibilities for the women characters of Marvel in Marvel NOW. I may think it's a bit premature given how women have been handled in New 52. A lot of the comments were funny to read how bent out of shape some got.

That cap looks adorable, Sara.

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0:50 through 0:55 needs to be mad into a GIF immediately.

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psyched for x-force

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I never had read Thor before, and I read that issue, and it was great!!

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I so want Tony's shirt. Trader Jawa, simply awesome!