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That's the best shirt.

I'm quite excited about the 3 Live Live: Show Big, as well.

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Great news video!

I'm trying to reserve judgement on the Wonder Woman on the CW but I have yet to hear anything that gets me excited.

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people watch this?

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Ohh live show, awesomes I'll be looking forward to that! Cool to see some crossover with GB too, even if it was just invisible Jeff! You should try get Scoops Kepek on sometime if he isn't too busy getting all the scoops.

That hair + comics = Infinity hits.

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Too bad G-Man can't follow Sara Lima's lead concerning fashion. Ha! * I joke * She does look stylish.

Well, def hope I can catch the Big Live 3 next week.

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@Decept-O: He could start sporting a red belt. :)

Nice segment, guys.

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Awesome wrap-up guys! Sara, looking great like always ^_^.

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@Decept-O: Watch my Con videos. I'm not going to dress up for the office. I take it you wear all the latest fashions, right?

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@BatClaw89 said:

people watch this?

You did ;)

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I'm gonna guess the special guest is James Robinson. lol

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still totally in love with the new format ♥, but just great video as always though too.

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@G-Man: http://youtu.be/K-JKWDC6fDs

Naturally, it is expected you not dress up for the office but just saying...Sara outshines you in the fashionista dept.! However....I DO envy all the cool @$$ comic and superhero related shirts you sport. And...to give you a compliment, you do look handsome and stylish when you are dressed up for the Convention coverage.

Regarding my own fashion, well let's just say I have to find shirts large enough to cover my fat so I don't have any room to talk these days.

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Awesome wrap up for the week guys. I am more interested in the new green lantern though im not a fan of the way they draw him. he looked too feminine for someone who is supposed to be a guy from the rough and tumble side of life.

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Cool vid, guys! Keep 'em coming every week! :)

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@Queso6p4: Yes he could. Would he have to change his name, though, if he did? Would he be "Red G" if he started wearing a red belt?

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You should do a special edition where you record at the same time as I love Mondays. It would be just as confusing as many comic crossovers. Which do I watch first!?

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Thanks for the video! Not many but good news this week.

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The Live Big BIg Show: LIve 3

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Enjoyed the break down of the news for the week. I almost forgot about the news video, again. Good thing I was checking Face Book.

It should be interesting to see how these DC #0 issues go over in comparison to the Marvel .1 comics. I do remember BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES would occasionally touch on Bruce's training years. That was the focus of the episode that brought in Zatana, and the one with the ninja, Kyodai Ken.

Not sure eh idea of a story revolving around Wonder Woman before she became Wonder Woman sounds all that interesting. Just seems as if they are trying to go back to the SMALLVILLE well. The problem is that Diana was an Amazon growing up around just other Amazons. How do you make a credible running series about her life on an isolated island? Even I stopped watching SMALLVILLE after Lana became a witch. I also didn't feel their Lois and Clark relationship had any chemistry. I just remember all their banter feeling so forced.

There was so much wrong with the initial WONDER WOMAN pilot they made. And not just the Halloween costume outfit.

Sara must be pretty into MASS EFFECT , given that desktop image. It would be interesting to learn if she plays it as a paragon or renegade. I kind of wanted to get into that game series, but I heard it all has a really disappointing finale in ME3. I saw a play through on MASS EFFECT 2 on Youtube to see if it was an interesting game. Miranda Lawson seems be who I'd gravitate toward. I like playing UNCHARTED 3. The co-op stuff is a lot of fun.

@Babs said:

@BatClaw89 said:

people watch this?

You did ;)

Yeah, but he's not "good people".

Wanna talk about an ironic comment given your recent op ed about trolling. Which I enjoyed, by the way.

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The Fairest cover looks excellent. I'll have to look into the series for sure. The review and general concept of the series seem quite compelling as well, at least on first glance. Might be my kind of comic.

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Am I the only 1 who saw the people across the street in the other window?! lol

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i always like to watch these vidoes so i can see whats going on and whats out there.

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Gail Simone should work on the Wonder Woman tv show

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@Decept-O: ...I don't know how to answer that. Lol. I guess.

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@Queso6p4: No worries. Bit lame on my part. Tried to be somewhat funny, be as usual...failed. Still I agree, perhaps a red belt for G-Man would help him.

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Cant wait for Legion Lost.

Also yeah, love the killers.

LOL at how babs and gman wasn't that intrested with the marvel now teasers.

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When're you guys gonna discuss the new Valiant titles? Personally, I think they're beyond awesome. Are we likely to see an Eternal Warrior relaunch anytime soon?

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Grear Video

Posted by G-Man

@Howlverine: Me, Mat and Gregg have reviewed different Valiant titles. I also have an interview with a writer of one of the titles (I'm not gonna say who just yet) coming up.

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@G-Man: Yeah, I saw the reviews, that's how I knew they were back. Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing the interview. No hints as to who the writer is?

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WOOOOOOO! great video.

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@Howlverine: A writer for one of the Valiant titles...

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You guys gotta stop letting Gman hold the comics. Bloody savage lol.

The Marvel teasers have my interest, especially "Killers."

And X-Factor sounds badass. Alot of debate around the Magneto/Polaris relationship so good lookin out on that inside info.

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I'm cautiously optimistic about the Wonder Woman TV show (as I was for the last attempt). The fact Heinberg is attached makes me slightly more hopeful that this makes it to the screen, and is actually watchable. Young Avengers (vol 1 and 2) is one of my all time favourite runs, so *fingers crossed*

Also: will you guys be able to post the time of the live show.... I need time to convert time zones. :p

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@G-Man: Couldja please ask him about Eternal Warrior for me? (That is, if you weren't already going to.)

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