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Sexy chest hair!


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I dislike Scarlet Witch new design. I dislike it a lot. lol

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The more I read about a pilot for this GOTG I'm thinking Green Lantern much?!

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@LordRequiem said:

The more I read about a pilot for this GOTG I'm thinking Green Lantern much?!

Other than the pilot thing, I'm not following.

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@spidergirl2012 said:

Sexy chest hair!


Right?! and the kiss at the end!! So good, so good!

Anyways I should probably catch up on Wonder Women now that a staff member made their "oh snap" face about the lastest issue. Is that out on trade anyone? I work at Barns and Noble so it's always a bit more convenient and affordable to read those on my breaks

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It is about time they changed Scarlet Which's costume.

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@Bestostero: Yeah, me too. It looks...just bad. Like she's a flasher in Central Park.

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Now an official Comic Vine meme? 

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DUDE! I f-ing LOVED Wonder Woman this week! One of the best books on the stands, for real. I'd say it was my pick of the week. And I completely agree with you

As you probably already know, Kirby originally pitched the New Gods to Marvel. He wanted the "current" gods (i.e. Thor's supporting cast) to be killed in Ragnorok and, in the aftermath of that, bring in the New Gods to replace them. Essentially, the Fourth World was meant to be a continuation of Asgard. Of course, for obvious reasons, Marvel rejected that proposal and Jack eventually went to DC, where he created the New Gods. So, in essence, I think that its really great that Azzarello is tying the mythologies of the New Gods with that of the Old Gods. Granted, they are the Marston's Greek gods instead of Kirby's own Norse Gods, but either way, its essentially bringing Kirby's original intentions to fruition.
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is the secret the thing about the whole website ownership change thy mentioned along time ago or is that not happening anymore?

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Very curious about the secret project.

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Strange, they give the Scarlet Witch a new costume...and they keep the ridiculous headgear?

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Wonder Woman is meh to me. Daredevil needs to be put into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but not be an Avenger. Saga is the GREATEST!! Get well soon Sara! And ... forget about Jason, Damian is the bestest :D

My reaction to this week's news :P

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Hope you feel better soon, Sara.

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Yeah...but not like that. It looks..not Scarlet Witch-ish. I'd see her dress up more like an actual witch with boss overtones, sort of like a brighter Raven.

On the other hand, Rogue is dressed up pretty much exactly as she's been since she gained control of her absorption abilities (plus I guess Marvel likes making her look like Anna Paquin)

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this episode was done really well. keep it up.

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@red_rover said:

Hope you feel better soon, Sara.

Thank you, that's sweet :)

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Ah, the image of Jennifer Garner as Elektra.

You know, if they had Colin Farrell as Bullseye in her movie and it focused on her getting revenge on him and had him chewing the scenery and hitting on her constantly, then that'd be a better movie. In fact, they should do that unless they can make a better Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Is that a nipple I see?

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Wow, I'm so not feeling that Scarlet Witch design for sure. Hope you get to feeling better ASAHP, Sara! And I wanna see the secret thing already!

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Ya feel better! :3

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That is all.

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Good news, thanks!

Hope you're getting well, Sara.

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Get well soon, Babs! Drink lots and lots of water; it will help you recover faster.

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Awsm news, thnx! (and get well soOn!)

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Beautiful women sould never get sick. I know that I hate it. Get well Sara.

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@GillaDro said:

Is that a nipple I see?

Said a boob

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I really want a remake of Daredevil.

Character redesigns are alright, I guess.

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I'm gonna have to catch up on WW and DD with trades.