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: D

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yay for the news!

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Not working.

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Why the hell does the weekly news video NEVER work for me :(

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All the kinks seem to be worked out much prefer this format now. I think either the news or the podcast should move to saturday though. Better to space them out than have them both on the same day.

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I think I liked Gambit just a little bit more that Sara did.

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I love the format! Keep up the good work guys

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@SolthesunGod: You could also choose to watch or listen to one or the other first. This way you have the option which rather than us tell you which you have to do first.

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For all those who have problems with the videos, just uninstall your flash player, restart and then install the newest version. Just make sure the version doesn't end with 265 because this version is buggy as hell.

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I like da format you guys should stick with it

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@G-Man: I'm not knocking either. I like both. My favourite features on the site. I just think with them being two of the biggest regular releases, possibly the biggest overall, each week it makes sense to space them out a bit. So a reader can go "oh I'll check out comicvine on friday for the news". Then on saturday go "oh I'll check out comicvine because the new podcast is up". Two visits across two days as opposed to possibly one. But sure maybe there are other things at play like access to the equipment that I wouldn't be aware of.

Anyway it was just a suggestion. I was pretty regular on comicvine about 5 years(I think it was five years) and I'm just getting back into it now. I'm really enjoying all the updates. I'm hardly Johnny no mates but none of my friends are into comics so I really enjoy hearing real people talk about comics.

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@SolthesunGod: I was kinda giving you a hard time. I just see it as it being better to have the content up and available for those that want it right away. Saturdays I kinda only come on to deal with the Awesome Art Picks article and get the Awesome Toy Picks article ready for Sunday.

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Tell that chick to take me out on a date.

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@G-Man: Don't worry about, It can be hard to convey tone in text over the internet. Maybe it's just personal preference but with the time difference I get the podcast more or less on saturday anyway lol. It's your site, I was just making a suggestion so seriously no worries.

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Your flash player probably stinks.

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I updated my flash player and disabled my adblock and it finally worked for me. Try it

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Deadpool kills the marvel universe was great!! Avengers assemble's was great too. Batman as always 5/5

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Jesus crap! Is that a Smoking Popes shirt? Yo the 90's called, they want their  
king missile CD back... Thanks G-Man. love your work.

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I like the new "chatty" format with you guys. Keep it up!

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Half Century War was my favorite book this week

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Good Job Babs and Tony.

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Glad to see you guys talk with each other about the news every week

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This week I got Spider men, Superboy, Batgirl, Sesentinal Spider man, and Scarlet Spider

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Great job on the video guy and girl!

Hey G-Man, since we all here know you've got a man-crush on Mr. Allred, how about, for those of us who haven't jumped on the love train, you do an interview or an article, heck, even a list of reasons why he's so awesome. I've tried to get into his work but, its hard with all the retools and reboots and renumberings, to find room for him in my pull list and collection. Anyways, thanks for this B.A. place for all us nerds to congregate.

Also, 100 bucks says Tony Moore bails on Deadpool afer 4 issues.

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@secondfallen616: From 2008: http://www.comicvine.com/news/interview-with-my-favorite-writerartist-mike-allred/128962/

From 2010 (I, ZOMBIE): http://www.comicvine.com/news/interview-mike-allred-on-i-zombie/141052/

I'll get on one with him and Fraction for FF.

@judasnixon: Not sure if you were aware, Smoking Popes got back together after their split. They've put out a couple albums recently. That shirt is just a month old or so. They put out a double '45 with some live performances. Also, I've known Josh, the singer, and his brothers since first grade.

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Great stuff as always. The Gambit book looks interesting

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Okay cool. Good to know Greg Capullo will be back. I was kinda worried there....

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We picked up Gambit, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, Spider-men, and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. I liked them all, probably Spider-men the most. Excited for what comes next with all of them though!

My LCS didn't have It Girl and the Atomics, but I'm looking into picking that up if I can find it...

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Loved the Spider-men book. Very touching.

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@G-Man: No I was not aware that they got back together, but i hope they come down to New Orleans. 
Lets get down to brass tacks, how does one give a painting of B Authur dressed as Phantom Girl with a  
Starman tramp stamp tattoo to James Robinson? That is not a joke. 
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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: lol,no

@jphugo15 said:

I updated my flash player and disabled my adblock and it finally worked for me. Try it

Adblock was the problem :)

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Aww. :( Oh well. :P

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G-Man, I believe that movie that's upcoming you are talking about that Affleck is directing is Argo and it is supposed to be based on a declassified intelligence event happening during the 1979 Iranian Hostage crisis. The trailer for it looks amazing! Great wrap up you two! ^^

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Captain Marvel.

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Dont get me wrong I totally think new news chatty format is cool, but honestly i really liked the whole the Sara in front of the green screen thing... perhaps because Sara is freaking hilarious and intoxicatingly Charming....just saying...

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@secondfallen616: There's lots of reasons to like Mike Allred! I mean Madman aside (because as you pointed out there have been several collections of all the different Madman runs he's done since creating him), if you like movies, you obviously like comics, then maybe you've seen Chasing Amy? Well all that awesome Bluntman & Chronic art was him; that was my first exposure to his art before I ever even got into comics and even then I knew I had to see more by this guy. How about music, you like rock and roll? Do yourself a favor and go get Red Rocket 7 immediately, it's only one book, albeit an oversized one that annoyingly won't fit on my shelves with the rest of my trades but who cares, it's amazing, long story short it follows an alien (and his twin brothers) through several decades of rock history as he makes a name for himself. Everyone from Elvis to Kurt Cobain shows up in this book in one way or another if i'm not mistaken; Allred obviously has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to rock history and this proves it. Lastly, just do it, get some Madman trades, the art is just so...ginchy, to use a Madman coined term. It just pops off the page so vibrantly and really a great deal of that credit also goes to his wife Laura's amazing coloring on those books. I dunno, theres really no other book like it, he jumps around town waxing philosophical on life and love and all matter of things all in between some weird ass situation he's in involving aliens, mutant beatniks and what have you, he's just great and has a style all his own.

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OH yeah, on another note, non-comics related, kudos on the Smoking Popes shirt G-man! I listen to a fair amount of punk rock, real punk rock, not this shit on the radio, but as poppy as these guys get they've always been a guilty pleasure of mine. "And the heart that she has stolen has swollen twice it's natural size I've lost six pounds since I laid eyes on her, Ruuuuubella"

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I would just like to point out that I love GAMBIT!