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Happy weekend & thanks for the round up!

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"Judge Dredd" looks bad ass. "Arrow"--not so much. Yeah, so he can outrun bullets and the bad guys are incredibly bad shots. Sheesh.

Can't say I like the sound of potentially making the Captain America sequel "comical". Groans induced immediately with that news. Why not use the same director again? WTF? Hoping I can get some of the Before Watchmen comics; the only thing from DC that is of any interest to me currently.

I like pie. Poodles, well...that's another story. Ha! Just glad the Comic Vine Weekly News vids are back. :)

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Thanx guys and have a great weekend. Can't Waite to get some of that pie or one of those Poodles. JK LOL. Thanx again.

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Contest?! Awesome! Great review of the week, Sara! Personally I'd have included something about the release of Prometheus myself, but then again I am only saying it because I saw it and the movie's GREAT!

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Can we win a poodle AND a giant pie or do we have to choose? And what type(s) of pie ... could affect my choice.

Thanks for the News Sara, have a great weekend!!

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I am so bummed about Avengers getting canceled. The new show could be even better for all I know, but them canceling a show I love to watch makes me not want to give the new show a chance.

And You, Me, and Dooprie and Captain America? I hope its not comical, not any more comical than the first one or the Avengers. Captain America is not a silly sarcastic funny guy. He is genuine, ernest, stoic. Leave the comedy to Iron Man please.

I don't know if I want a Poodle, but a pie... depends on what type I guess. Apple, blueberry... Seriously can't wait for the contest.

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I want a poodle hopping out of a giant pie, please. It shouldn't be difficult - I'm pretty sure you can just put the poodle in there and it'll do the hopping thing by itself.

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I will be watching Arrow when it starts on the CW. Probably the first time I have watched the CW since it had a talking frog and showed ANimaniacs lol.

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I'm interested to see how the next Captain America film will turn out. The first film was good, but it wasn't that great. I'm hopingo for a better sequel.

It's unfortunate that Avengers is going to be cancelled, but I'm pretty open minded. Looking forward to the new show.

On another note...I would also like some pie :)

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Ah, no glasses in this news video? Sad Foxx. =(

I don't know. I give ARROW a season or two before it's canceled. Have the "cotumed" crime fighter TV series ever lasted that long? I thought that was Deathstroke, but I wasn't sure.

I really have zero interest in BEFORE WATCHMEN. This just seems more like a cash grab on DC's part. If people are into it. Good for them. They have something new to read. I'm happy with just the original.

I don't like poodles. Now, a German Shepherd would be much cooler.

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I caught that shot of Deathstroke's mask and it intrigued me a bit. Anyway, thanks for the news, it's looking great. All that hard work is paying off, Sara!

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Thank you for the round up.

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i like pie.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

I don't know. I give ARROW a season or two before it's canceled.

Yeah, I don't see this getting renewed at all. CW's hope is that all the smallville fans will flock to this show. I'm betting most of them don't give a crap about green arrow, especially since they changed the actor.

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Judge Dredd looks to be promising. Hope to see great lot of comedy not compromising the core theme in the Captain America movie...By the way, I watch the news video every week, will that win me a pie? :):)..nice to see the funny last part/ blooper...

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I tried to PM someone in a previous video but I didn't get a response so I guess I'll post it here. Whoever filming or editing these should really buy into the concept of color correction. Babs has green zombie skin in too many vids. Putting a blank sheet of white paper by her face and pressing the white balance button before filming would take like 10 seconds and would make a massive difference.

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damn i just started avergers

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I WISH BABS WAS MY GIRLFRIEND!!! Shes amazing. on a side note......did they really have to cancel earth's mightiest heros for another avengers cartoon? I was just getting into it. :(

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In this day in age when super hero films are becoming the new big films, its about damn time they took a character's back story seriously to the point where characters like Judge Dredd never removes his helmet.

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el primero que entienda esto puede tener mi codigo digital del ultimo libro de AvX o el Mighty Thor Annual.

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Marvel cancels another great TV show..surprise there..But at least there will be reboot..whatever.

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Sara I love the excitement you portray on screen. Your voice-overs for the past two weeks, however, have been really monotone. I understand that you have to do some of your lines off camera but you should still try to do it the same way you do on camera, because on camera you are adorable.

OT: if you are having problems with your download speed check to see if a giant piece of tinfoil is covering your router. I don't even know how it got there but it took me twenty minutes to watch this video before I realized.

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I find it hard to believe that Karl Urban was hired solely for his scowl. I have limited memories of Judge Dredd so a rewatch is in order. Even if it sullies my opinion of Judge D, I really like ol' Karl so I'm looking forward to it.

Dibs on the pie.

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I'll take your pie... wait what?

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Sara. Love this section of comicvine, hopefully we get to see it every week with you ofcourse :)

Judge Dredd - Don't know much about the character.

Arrow - Hell yeah!!!!

Arkham City game of the year edition - yup, getting this.

Captain America - loved the first one, would watch the second one if I'm free.

DC Beforewatchmen - haven't read this, still in the package, would be reading this later.

EMH - uhm, I hated this one. Can't get used to the animation and I felt like its too kiddy.

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Let me guess the competition will only be open to people in the US and possibily Canada

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I think Arrow looks cool, but I'm still a little stumped why they thought it was necessary to drop "Green" from the name. Maybe they thought it would be confusing for Smallville viewers who knew another actor in the role?

I hope that the next Cap movie isn't comical. There were some funny moments in the first one, and they were cool, but Captain America on the big screen needs to be inspiring - just short of being propaganda lol. He's Marvel's symbol of American freedom - I don't think that should be a joke.

The games and cartoons I'm not familiar with, so no comments there.

Nice news spot, Babs. The outtakes are always a fun addition.

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@Zhakaraz said:


el primero que entienda esto puede tener mi codigo digital del ultimo libro de AvX o el Mighty Thor Annual.

i 've understand! too bad i already have those comics!

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That sucks about avengers. I don't know why marvel animation is always starting programs then dropping them. I mean how many x-men and spiderman shows have there been in the past ten years. But I guess dc is just as bad with all the batman shows. its like you're in a constant state of reboot if you like superhero cartoons. I miss the continuity of Bruce timm.

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@ravisher said:

damn i just started avergers

Dont stop watching it, its a realy good show, it sucks that it got canceled :(

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@Bestostero said:

i like pie.

Damnit! I was going to say that! lol

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Yo se! Dame, dame!

@Zhakaraz said:


el primero que entienda esto puede tener mi codigo digital del ultimo libro de AvX o el Mighty Thor Annual.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

I really have zero interest in BEFORE WATCHMEN.

Thank you for making me feel less alone about this.

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By looks alone I prefer Stalone as the Judge. Before Watchmen, would like to pick it up but douptfull as I can barely pick up what I do :( Pie is good, poodles not so much......

Cancelled usually = syndication so will be able to watch all those episodes again + the new stuff :D

Arrow looks ok like Punisher (tag lines) with arrows ......

Not up on the gaming stuff but it looks cool.

Captain America was just about perfect humor wise, to much more would ruin it so I hope they keep it toned down or at least fitting, I can see a lot of humorous situations coming from a man out of time......still need to watch Avengers :,(

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*raises an Eyebrow of Concern (morals on) in Lima's direction*

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I want some giant pie !!!!! Arrow looks badass I can`t wait to watch it ! thanks for wraping up the news :D

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Hmmm Captain America turning into a action-comedy after seeing how well it worked for the Avengers isn't too surprising. I don't think it will work with just Captain America alone. It will be hard for him to be put in comical situations when he's the no nonsense type. Then again it might work for him as he could play the straight man role while others bring the lolz. Marvel is dropping the ball with their cartoon series it seems. They keep getting rid of a good thing for crap they think people want to see. Wolverine and the Xmen was awesome then they cancelled it. Spectacular Spiderman was epic,especially since Gwen Stacy was Peter's focus of interest...then they cancelled that to make room for ugh Ultimate Spiderman (which is nothing like the comic series like I hoped). Now Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes is getting the boot. If Avengers Assemble is like Ultimate Spiderman (4th wall nonsense/ too kiddish) I won't be tuning in for it. Marvel needs to look at Young Justice and Thundercats on Cartoon Network it has a nice blend of things for everyone kids and adults alike. I don't think I will be watching Arrow since I never really cared that much for Green Arrow, he's just a watered down Batman (which is why CW picked up the character for Smallville, something about they couldn't get the rights to Batman) If it comes on before or after Supernatural I might give it a once over. I hope Green Arrow won't be featured in Justice League the movie because of this series if it becomes popular. They want to do a Justice League movie but aren't letting people know about the most important members Superman, Batman, WONDER WOMAN, Green Lantern (prefer John Stewart just to give us 'minorities' someone to root for) Martian Manhunter, Black Canary and Flash. Batman has had a ton of movies (although I doubt Bale will be affiliated with the Justice League project). Superman has a had a few (letdowns) and Green Lantern was pretty decent (although I wanted my Deadpool movie instead -__-) Anyway dudes..dudes..dudes all the guys are getting their movies.I'd personally like to see a Wonder Woman series or movie. It's messed up she hasn't had time to shine in the media. She had one animated movie a few years ago and a few appearances in the cartoons. Same goes for Marvel gave all the dudes their own movie but no Black Widow and they didn't even include Wasp and her arrogant beau Antman. Hollywood needs some fresh meat far as getting movies approved whoever is in charge of all that stuff is stuck in the past where they think everyone wants to see some white guy always saving the day.

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Poodle pie? Delicious!

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Great Weekly News Video as always!

I was so excited when we got to see an extended trailer for Arrow. I hope the pilot will be good when we see it in the Fall.

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Bad news about "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes."

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How does Jeph Loeb keep a job. Cancel Avengers: EMH for something like Ultimate Spider-Man? Am I the only one who thinks that a crap move?

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Hopefully the Arrow series will be interesting since it seems that Deathstroke will be a part of it. The Judge Dredd helmets look kind of off to me but we shall see how it goes. The new Captain America movie bettter not be comical or I'm gonna lay the smackdown on someone. And I'll looking forward to the new Avengers animated series next year.

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Dang it Marvel!!! I love that show. Its Disney's fault. I didnt like that merger. Ironically Im a DC fan