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It's better when we can see Sara, it doesn't feel very newsy when it's just a load of pictures and clips

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Is "Winning John Carter" really winning?

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@spiderbat87: Why the sad face

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@Babs said:

@spiderbat87: Why the sad face

I prefer the other new set-up 
Posted by kartron

Seemed like a proper news channel featuring with loads of news with Sara's background voice! This seemed like a well thought out flow for sure. The video game seemed very interesting. WIll check out gamespot!

Posted by Mercy_

Awesomeeeeeee. Thanks for another News vid, Sara. Sooooo glad that this feature is well and truly back.

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@spiderbat87: Well, there were a lot of interesting comments last week so I thought changing it up might help ;)

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I'm friggin' hyped already for Injustice: Gods Among Us. I wonder if it'll follow any of the classic story lines from the 90's? (seeing as the title reminds me slightly of the mini-series Justice)

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Can't wait to find out who the other 20 characters are in Injustice. Hopefully Aquaman or Red Hood will make an appearance (they're my favourite DC characters at the moment). My wishful thinking would also love to see Atrocitus or Bleez in there. I think Red Lanterns would suit this style of game.

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the news ain't the news without babs in front of the camera.

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Might be hoping for too much, but I want WARBLADE in God's Among Us

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i miss your witty comments on some of the news pieces. it always made weekly news a bit more entertaining to watch, seeing you on screen also helps.

this one felt a bit... narrative and punctual.

as for who i would like to see in the injustice game, i'd have to say laira omoto as a green lantern. after seeing her in green lantern emerald knights, i think she would be great in a DC fighting game.

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Boooo for return of January Jones!

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Keeping my fingers crossed for The Ventriloquist in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Calendar Man as well. :)

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Good news for all! Looking forward to Magic Mike - Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey look awesome in it. New DC game looks great too.

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@luke_kerridge said:

It's better when we can see Sara, it doesn't feel very newsy when it's just a load of pictures and clips

This is true, but apparently a lot of work goes into editing these videos, tbh I always figured it was like an improv a script, film it, 20 minutes of editing and bang it up on the site, but they've said on the podcast it takes loads of time... But I'd rather the news stick around in some format, even if its not really my favourite format.

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Wow, I almost missed this being posted. I saw that image and just mistook it for the trailer for the INJUTSICE game.

I never like it when an artist I like only draws a variant cover. I would never buy a comic just for the cover.

They're stretching the time on the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC. Some of the people I've known who have played it says it's closer to one hour. The end - not that I'd say what - is not really anything of consequence.

I wasn't looking for FIRST CLASS news, personally. I have no desire to see the first one, so, I doubt I'm also in the market for a sequel. Casting for Emma and her role was a deal breaker for me, then I heard she had none of the personality. I also wasn't fond of the character changes they made to Mystique's story either. I don't see the point in giving a character a name but making their personality and history nothing like what they are based upon.

Missed you on the podcast, Sara; but the news looked good.

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I hope Sara will have more screen time in the future :(

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Gods among us reminds me of what I thought MKvsDC would be definitely pumped, the graphics look epic the designs remind me alot of the DCUonline cinematic trailer as for characters I'd like to see only one I really want Lobo but not in the new 52 look hopefully. Either way I'm excited.

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its like so cool to now its friday get the weekly news and some sara time. I which you guys would have a channel like g4

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@luke_kerridge: @Mumbles: @feargalr: @butters911: Relax guys, that office got stripped of equipment as everyone is getting ready for E3.

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@butters911 said:

I hope Sara will have more screen time in the future :(

Oh, but the neat thing about Sara is she's way more than a pretty face. This was an acceptable news delivery mechanism.

Anyway, very excited about Injustice for multiple reasons. Let me outline why.

A) The story mode. MK vs. DC was very well done, and Mortal Kombat surpassed it with an even grander production. I can see this having a better done story than other universe-spanning comic games, such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

B) Netherrealm's fighting systems have been steadily improving with each of their games. From what Ed Boon was saying, they'll be able to take that solid core and expand on it in kick ass new ways. Now... about those bosses...

C) The way that team handles secrets and extra content, I can see this being a treasure trove of DC fan service.

D) It's made by my fellow Chicagoans, which is the best city.

And as for the actual question posed, I'd like to see Doomsday. I think something that brutal would fit right in with Netherrealm's sensibilities.

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@luke_kerridge said:

It's better when we can see Sara, it doesn't feel very newsy when it's just a load of pictures and clips

creeper of the YEAR goes to.

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@Om1kron: I couldn't care less if it sounded a bit pervey. Quite a few people agree with me.

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@luke_kerridge said:

@Om1kron: I couldn't care less if it sounded a bit pervey. Quite a few people agree with me.

Just Creepin it real.

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@Om1kron: Yeahhh

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Very informative, as always. I like the Spider-Man vs. the Lizard piece.

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Over 2,000 messages in your inbox? Jealous. I'm lucky if I get double digit notifications. How do you answer them all Babs?

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Good stuff but yes I will admit, love seeing Sara on screen more ^_^

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I so badly want that DC mural painted on the wall of my den. :D When I was five my mom painted oodles of life sized Disney characters on all four of my bedroom walls, she was so awesome for doing that.

Now, I might have to bribe her to fly to Washington to paint my den walls with Wonder Woman, Batman and friends. Hmm, maybe even some of the S6 - Scandal & Catman.. That would be so much fun. :D

Thanks for another fantastic newsweek Sara!

Posted by Humanity

Those glasses are really not complimenting Sara at all she should buck the trend and not get huge old fashion rims that hide half her face.

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Just wanted to say you're doing a job with the news Sara! I look forward to waking up on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee to watch the news every week!

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@zigzoggg: Coming from the king of the twats, I'm sure Babs won't take that as an insult.
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Graphics look good... might just have a look at it.

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Your editing skills really evolved quickly. We wouldn't mind seeing more of you in the video, though that green screen was not your friend...

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I answer you Batman, Batman, Batman will win I always stated that if in a final showdown what would happen DC vs Marvel The Spectre will take like the 92% of marvel in the first run and Batman will beat the rest with superman asking if they need help or plan B will be Dr Manhattan snaping his fingers finishing them all in 1 second.

Would like to see The Spectre, Deadman, Nightwing, Batman Azrael or Azrael alone, Black Lantern Black Hand, GL Kyle Rayner, Doomsday, Bane, Dr Fate, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter; Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Steel, Power Girl, Supergirl, SwampThing, Rorschach, Dr Manhattan, Hawkgirl, Blue Beetle, Dr MidNite, Phantom Stranger, Black Adam, Raven

Most likely Captain Marvel, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Deathstroke, Darkseid, Catwoman, Lex Luthor will be in the game

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Why is Solomon Grundy in the game? He seems like a strange character to include, I really don't understand his sudden increase in notoriety.

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Blah blah more DC centric Marvel centric Blather. John Carter basically has all the potential for a recut to pick up the pace and a rerelease when it isn't up against some other blockbuster.Not perfect as is but avoids being a total bomb like Green Lantern.It is with the wrong company Disney and because of their marketing ineptitude we don't get Gods of Mars or Warlord of Mars.