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Posted by darkrider

the news is back again

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


Posted by elayem98

its the 11th not the 9th

Posted by NightFang

Time for the news!

Edited by TheHeat

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman makes me yawn.

Edited by feargalr

I'm not sure which movie I'm more excited for next, Spidey or DKR. The new batman trailer kinda sold me on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and I'm convinved that JGL is playing some version of Robin/Nightwing now too... but on the other hand... Andrew Garfield has that amazing hair...

EDIT: I forgot to say NEWWSSS!!

Okay well sold me on her playing Catwoman is a bit strong, but I'll at least try to give her a fair unbiased shot now

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Will this be on youtube too? just curious.

Posted by bladewolf

I like the news, but next time don't waste half of it with a trailer please.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Excellent work, as always; but I'm starting to reach that point where I'm going to stop watching both BATMAN and SPIDER-MAN movie trailers before they spoil everything. I had stopped watching AVENGERS trailers a while back, and I'm glad I did.

I don't pre-order games, but damn that Stan Lee option is tempting.

Edited by SHAZAM117

I agree about Hathaway being kind of "Meh" in the role of Catwoman.....But then again I heavily critized Ledger getting the Joker role and had to eat crow when I watched him in TDK. There's a bunch of other actresses I would have gone with, but I'll trust Nolan on this one. As far as Amazing Spidey is concerned....-_-....I'm really not looking forward to another origin story personally on the character. The trailers look good, but I'm just not as excited about it for some reason

Posted by AlKusanagi

All hail the Righteous Mullet!

Posted by jubeiyagyuX

That hawkeye hair :D

Posted by mewarmo990

The movie itself was pretty bad, but I liked Halle Berry as Catwoman. Though I suppose they'd have to reboot her as Selina Kyle. Oh well.

Posted by Mercy_


And Joey King has already given an interview saying that she plays a young Talia, although I don't think that there was ever any real doubt.

Posted by venomoushatred1001

LMAO at the Avengers pic at the end.

Edited by SavageDragon

NEWS! yeah ill see this Amazing Spiderman movie ofcoarse but really it should be called "Ultimate Spiderman". O yeah Hawkeye mullet, now thats classy

Posted by Bestostero

I'm still unimpressed with the Amazing Spiderman...but maybe thats a good thing, ill walk in with low expectations and be surprised rather than walking in with high expectations and being disappointed like with Avengers, so overrated imo.

Edited by Illuminatus

AvX is leading the charts because it features the Avengers and the X-Men beating the crap out of each other for the silliest of reasons. That's literally it. It sucks and it's not hard to see that.

Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic

Hawkeye would have been so much more bad ass with the mullet.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

i think the amazing spider-man will be good. can't wait for july 3 !

Posted by Yung ANcient One

WHy is it that I can never say the names right. I thought it was DAH-Ken but Whats his name(forgive me I been away for a while) Mr.G Man said "DAY-Ken." I thought it was THAH-Nos but its Tay-Nos. :/ (+)

Posted by Grondoth

I spoke too soon!

Posted by edtie97

Nice avengers picture in the end!!!!!!!

Edited by JDevil


I haven't seen The Avengers yet :( ....

Edited by csl316

I was worried that all these Marvel movies would oversaturate the market, but so far so good. With each focusing on a new hero you get vastly different styles. It's especially nice seeing superhero movies become fun again while maintaining such a high standard.

Also, Weekly News, woo! The picture at 2 minutes is absolutely perfect.

Posted by sj_esposito

Hurrah for the news! New hairstyle or is it just the glasses?

I feel weird saying this, but I think I'm more excited to see The Amazing Spider-Man than I am for The Dark Knight Rises. It just looks perfect.

Posted by Piquedram

Your glasses look pretty good Sara~:)

Posted by jrock85

Avengers vs. X-Men is an abomination.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh Renner, not a mullet! Blag! Its funny though, even if you knew nothing about these six actors, you could definitely tell who among them were raised in the 80s/90s and who were raised in the 90s/00s. Downey looks like Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid. Ruffalo looks like...my God...he looks like Lando Calrissian in that shot! Evans and Hemsworth look fine. And Johannson looks so darn sweet in that picture. Oh yeah and wonderful newscap for the week! :)

Posted by htb106

batman's voice still sounds ridiculous!

Posted by craigbo180

This video has been blocked on youtube in England for some reason.

Posted by kartron

Great!! Now we get trailers and interesting bytes in the news. Really liked spiderman trailer inclusion and then the avengers actor's photo at the end!!

Posted by tamabone

YAY!!!! Sara is back with the news. Never go away again.

Posted by Daggerman

Is it just me or is Christian Bale kind of over doing the Batman voice now?

Posted by G-Man

@Yung ANcient One: sigh...I've answered this one many times. That's how Thanos' name was pronounced on the Silver Surfer and Super Hero Squad cartoon. Also, that's how Jim Starlin (the creator of Thanos) says it. Go to about 4:20 here:

Posted by Tyrannotaur

I wonder if saying "This isn't a car!" in the Batman voice will be the new thing this summer. I know I will be saying it alot and annoying my friend with it :)

Posted by Mumbles

not excited about spidey movie at all. looks lame. but i also said that about xmen first class, and it ended up pretty good.

Posted by TheAnnihilator

I don't think Avengers vs X-Men is that bad. I'm entertained by it, so I buy it. If you aren't, that's fine. It's not the worst thing to happen to comics and it's better than Fear Itself. So please, stop complaining about it.

A more on topic comment: Good video!

Posted by revbucky

Love the high school yearbook shot!

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Earlier I said Hawkeye ruined mullets for me... Well I've just watched the Avengers movie a while ago, and Renner was so cool that I take it back now. I've always hated Haweye, but now never mind.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

@G-Man: I appreciate the time you spend on showing me this, and I'm only replying to let you know. STILL I heard THAH-Nos not Tay-Nos either way; it was just a post, and accents make the world special, different, and exciting. I love how so many people say my NAME. Everyone emphasis different parts of it. I love it.




Posted by zombietag

cool! funny comment about event comics :)

i didnt like the trailers in the news reel. if i wanted to watch the trailers (again) id look for em. please keep the news reel the news! good video though

Posted by MrKlorox

Blegh. Spiderman's torso looks freakishly long in that image.

Posted by Cavemold

Pretty decent !!

Edited by THEBlaqueBasterd

every time i hear "not everything... not yet.." chills down up my spine

good wrap up &oh i caught the lil Thanos clue u dropped there.. &like i predicted.. Thanos WONT be in AA part 2 but will actually be showing up in the Thor sequel to get retribution for Thors interferance/Loki's incompetence in AA.... can not.. wait!!

Posted by AcendentComics4life
Posted by ShenLong

No we do not like big events. We like epic events. By definition there can't be that many. There are too many godlike beings right now. No more avengers in the comic universes sounds proper, as long as Hulk is still around.

Posted by incredible_bulk77

Avengers was awesome, can't wait for spider-man (he's my fav), and i can't wait for batman. what a wonderful summer of superhero flicks! also, lotta hate going on for avengers vs. x-men in the old comicvine.com world. this bums me out a bit. it's no incredible peace of art but it's the comic book worlds version of a summer block buster movie and i'm enjoying the ride.

Posted by The Finality

Babs you're beautiful :)

Posted by Darknite32

Scarlett Johannson still looks good as a teenager. I cant wait for the Spiderman new movie and The Dark Knight Rises. Does anyone know what Batman comic series to read up before watching the movie?

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