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Posted by Bossjugg

sweet thanks for the update :D

Posted by NightFang

Thanks for the news, Babs.

Posted by No_Name_
@NightFang said:
" Thanks for the news, Babs. "
@Bossjugg said:
" sweet thanks for the update :D "
Posted by titoxiv12

i dont even think id come to comic vine if it wasnt for babs, theres a certain shine about her... i dont even read comics all that often but i almost want to just because of her... weird? i kno huh

Posted by Lance Uppercut

Ant-Man is going to be the next Italian Job. Just wait.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Ugh, more Avengers. I'm losing track of who's on what team.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

I love you babes.!!!
Posted by Video_Martian
@Babs said:
" @NightFang said:
" Thanks for the news, Babs. "
@Bossjugg said:
" sweet thanks for the update :D "
<3 "
what does "<3" mean anyway, Babs? just curious.
Posted by iTzBigPanda
well mr. obvious (haha) its a heart, but babs should still reply so you can get your quest =D
Posted by FLStyle

Who cares indeed! The X-Men: First Class film looks like it's all over the place with characters and plot.
I wouldn't be completely against White Lantern Batman because it's the only way that I can see in which Dick Grayson continues to be Batman but still inferior to Bruce. Also I can see a potential plot point in Bruce using the white power to bring Dick back to life if this bullet to the skull does actually kill him.
I also liked the almost business-like attitude this week, no messing around.

Posted by www.deadpoolforum.com

I don't want daredevil to die.

Posted by No_Name_
@mr.obvious said:
" @Babs said:
" @NightFang said:
" Thanks for the news, Babs. "
@Bossjugg said:
" sweet thanks for the update :D "
<3 "
what does "<3" mean anyway, Babs? just curious. "
It's a heart
Posted by johnny_spam

I am under the belief the White Lantern Batman is actually The Batman Clone bought back to life and not Bruce Wayne (since Peter Tomasi is the new Batman and Robin writer and an upcoming solicitation hints at a White Knight.) or it could be a cover that talks about Bruce's symbolic return and not meant to be taken literal. 

Posted by carnivalofsins00

woah mama! babs, you look beautiful. thanks for all of this news too. =]

Posted by No_Name_
@www.deadpoolforum.com said:
" I don't want daredevil to die. "
Neither do we :(
Posted by squidracerX

@ www.deadpoolforum.com Daredevil won't die, they have a daredevil movie planned, you never kill a character with a movie coming up, but he might go a way for a few issues like Batman... Or change costumes... whatever. I don't think he needs redemption personally; Bullseye needed to be killed; i would have done the same. Comic book writers have made villains too evil and violent now, i know they want to keep popular characters, but guys like Joker and Bullseye have crossed the line and need to die to save innocents. If a hero can't prevent a crime anymore like they used to, they need to make sure the same thing doesn't happen twice.
Whatever with the return of Batman being a white lantern, the whole thing has been a fiasco in my eyes so far - ever since the whole cruddy batman r.i.p. thing all the way to the "return of bruce wayne" i have really not been enjoying it. I did like Batwoman in Detective (which i actually thought i was going to hate), but she is gone already... so whatever. Damian is okay as Dick's foil, but when Bruce comes back i hope he goes away. He only worked as a snotty jerk because he balanced out Dick's friendly personality. Not really enjoying Brightest Day so far either... Seems liek a LOT of filler. But Im a fan so i will keep buying them no matter what right? :)
Yeah X-men first class movie should have been the original 5 (first class duh!) but they are casting emma frost? not looking good to me.
and I love Edgar Wright so I hope there is an Ant Man movie. i would want a serious Hank Pym more, but that is not Wrights' forte (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead), he is comedy so I think you need the newer Irredeemable Ant-Man...

Posted by Eisenheim

Nice! Great update!

Posted by Comiclove5

No more Avengers! White Lantern Batman has caught my interest. And I would pefer to see Hank in an ant man movie
Posted by comicscott

awesome i love avengers
Posted by Jolt92

White Lantern Batman looked badass, but I don't know about the idea though.

Posted by modestmoose

Eerily empty office,
groovy update ^^

Posted by X-23_2513

I want to see an Ant-Man movie.
Posted by The_Martian

I want that Star Wars box set!

Posted by Bummey

But will the movies be the same as the last DVD release? The one where they remove the original Anakin at the end of Jedi and replace him with Hayden Motherfucking Christensen? Blasphemy.

Posted by NightFang
@Babs said:
" @www.deadpoolforum.com said:
" I don't want daredevil to die. "
Neither do we :( "
             All good things must come to a end and if he dies then he'll come back a real demon.
Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

I wonder if Babs got paid for promoting the star wars blue rays 
If not than its a total outrage OUTRAGE !!!!!

Posted by blogblaster9

Ant-man movie doesn't sound so exciting to me, he isn't that awesome of a super-heroe in my opinion. 
What good does his powers do other than fitting through tiny cramps? 
For some reason even with Star Wars I don't think blu-ray is going to make it really isn't that much better than dvd 
As always a great update though
Posted by sora_thekey

Yes I plan to pick up another Avengers book!
Especially if I get to see some action from characters I miss and love!
I haven't read Shadowland (probably should) but I am interested to know what does the end for the Daredevil title means for the Daredevil character.
White Lantern Batman doesn't makes sense... Of course then again I am only on issue #3 for Brightest Day... :P

Posted by mighty dude

I thought White Lantern Batman looked pretty sick.  
As for the Ant-man movie, there are way more deserving and intresting characters than that.
Posted by Handerson

Ya, I don't know what to think of a white lantern batman, I'd prefer it to be a figurative thing because batman's supposed to be a darker character, which doesn't work if he's got a white cape and cowl, haha.

Posted by Dracade102
@IronSpidy-Rooney said:
"I wonder if Babs got paid for promoting the star wars blue rays If not than its a total outrage OUTRAGE !!!!! "


too early to decide on whether or not i'll pick up dead avengers. why are people getting so upset about avengers titles? its not like its tha same group in all tha titles. are people just tired of sayin tha word "avengers"? "oh man, another avengers title, damn, i just wish these different characters and separate teams would go away"...don't read them then. nobody is gonna revoke ur nerd card if u pass over a title, it's ok lol. whatever is planned for batman could prove very interesting, i'll definitely keep an eye out on it.

Posted by The Sadhu

White Lantern Batman?!?!
Dare Devil gone?!?! 
Dead Avengers?!?! 
Interesting?!?!... Yes! Yes! and sort of!
Posted by elevatorparty

There's too many Green Lantern comics if you ask me.  
1 is too many

Posted by rmanthorp

Daredevil not to die :C White Lantern makes me nervous and Antman could be the best worst movie ever!

Posted by TravKing

Thanks for the cleavage...err...update babs.

Posted by kungnima

''..young Magneto.. Who cares..'' 
: D

Posted by waruikumo

Star Wars bluray ... Awesome, but its the retcon'd versions only booooo. 
Don't understand why batman needs to be a "white lantern" other than an out for Dick getting shot in the head.   
Captain Marvel, Dead avengers AWESOME.

Posted by LordCrom

Edger Wright would make an excellent Ant-Man movie
Posted by Aspenite

I´m sick of the Avengers, so I won´t pick up this new title.
The Batman cover looks really cool, hopefully not a variant because I like Finch´s artwork.

Posted by Retro_Metro
@iTzBigPanda said:
" @mr.obvious: well mr. obvious (haha) its a heart, but babs should still reply so you can get your quest =D "
That's one reason and her love for comics.
Posted by B'Town
@Lance Uppercut said:
"Ant-Man is going to be the next Italian Job. Just wait. "

I like the sound of this, Italian Job is one of my favorite movies..
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@Babs: I cant get the video to work WAHHHH
Posted by CellphoneGirl

LOL @ the people in the background :P

Edited by ComicMan24

Nice update. But way too many Avengers books.

Posted by spider-man 2996

Posted by Chris207

Ant-Man should be Hank Pym, and he should be in the R&D dept. at Van Dyne Industries. Janet and Pym are dating, she's kidnapped (industrial espionage) and Pym sets out w/his newly discovered particles to find/rescue her and defeat the bad guys.
No idea who to cast though, but RDJ MUST make a cameo...


Thanks for the updates Batman looks sweet, and Ant-man movie would be cool if it were Hank Pym.
Posted by Chris2KLee

Too much Avengers. Also, didn't know the prequels were going to bundled together with the original Star Wars films. Think I'll pass until the break them up separately.

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