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Nice one as always Babs! My Monday fix of news!

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The 10 minute film thing is speculative.  While it'd be great, I don't think it will happen.   
New Quest!
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 10 minute Marvel short films sounds like an awesome idea. Hopefully the production values would be high.
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Free stuff on Fridays. Yey!!!!
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I wonder who won the comics?
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If these 10 minute short films are as good as the 3 minute Street Fighter film I'll be happy.

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Oi, I liked Podcast from Friday. I even made that photoshopped picture of Babs with the birthday cake that was requested in the podcast. I added it on that page. I thought I was making something funny, but that joke fell flat.
10 Minute movies could be good. They would be  aright side better then all the commercials they show now.
I do like the looks of the Comic Vine shirt. It was worth entering a contest for that.
Oh, cool. New Quest. I'm at Level 15 now on Comic Vine.

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Comics are really good, but free comics are even better!!

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Most off-topic podcast ever? I think not... 
Who am I kidding, it was just us three hanging out and being silly... again

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this post actually makes me look forward to monday every week,thanks babs

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Has the quest launched yet? I haven't found it.
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can't wait for James, one of my favorite writers, I enjoyed his previous appearances on the cast.

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I've been wondering since these videos started... If G-Man's going to be involved in conversation during these videos, why not have him on screen? It just seems kinda silly for Babs to always be talking to someone off camera.
Otherwise, good video as always.

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@inferiorego said:
" Most off-topic podcast ever? I think not...  Who am I kidding, it was just us three hanging out and being silly... again "
If your refereeing to my comment I did declare it Most off the wall,  but not off-topic and I was totally good with that! I enjoyed it just as much if not more than most of the podcasts, all 3 of you are entertaining to listen to or I wouldn't spend a hour of my time doing it. You seemed to be having a good time doing it and I felt like a fly on the wall listening!

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Cool I can't wait for james robinson return to the podcast.

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Why is Tony always off camera in the news?

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@Comiclove5: Ditto x 2.
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nice more jasmine earrings!  yet another cool news vid.

that kinda sucks about jonah hex

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jonah hex sucked
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@inferiorego said:
" Most off-topic podcast ever? I think not...  Who am I kidding, it was just us three hanging out and being silly... again "
Don't listen to the haters, man. I liked the podcast. I had fun. I hope you are on again soon.
I used to listen to the Anime Vice podcasts. Those always went wildly off topic and would stay that way for far too long.
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I love the ten-minute movie ideas!  Personally, I'd watch a movie that was nothing BUT a series of short stories based on lesser-known superheroes (think a Sin City-style format). 
 I didn't care for the Green Lantern poster.  I'd rather see a real picture than a drawn one. 
Hooray for free stuff!  Good to know my false hopes for winning the damn things will continue on and on for every Friday from now on. 
Good work as always, Babs and dis-embodied G-Man's voice.

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@mighty dude:
It's late night CST where I am and no Quest yet.  Maybe later tonight or tomorrow? 
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Sorry guys! It looks like the new quest will be going live tomorrow!

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ooh new quest

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how do we sign up for the free comic thingy
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Babs looks cute this week. Love the top.
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If the 10-Minute movies were made then they should go, like Tony said, and try to imitate what was done with the Pixar Shorts... you get a story but you don't need to even know the names of there characters...
I mean Doc Strange could be fighting a demon for those 10 minutes and have people interested in the character. 
Or even have Power Pack for those 10 minutes fighting a giant lizard!

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I can't find this new quest... It's not showing up...

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There´s a new quest? 

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@jamdown: Every Friday you'll see a Free Fridays post on the front page. Just be sure to check back in every Friday and comment on the post to be entered!
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I miss being able to watch the pod cast! 
otherwise great news Babs! thanks! xx

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Great Job!! Lots of exciting things going on. Free comic book fridays?!? WAHOO!!!! I want a shirt!!
Also, the quests are super fun! Keep up the good work.  =)
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Fables could be a good movie series.

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Good stuff.
@.Mistress Redhead. said:

" I miss being able to watch the pod cast!  otherwise great news Babs! thanks! xx "
Yeah what happend to that?
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I think that between the 10-minute shorts, the "once-a-year movies featuring Avenger members", and all the OTHER movies, Marvel is oversaturating the movie market WAAAAY TOO MUCH!