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Posted by buns134

on my birthday awesome! first
Posted by spiderguylll

So Namor staying on the X-Men? YYYEEESSSS

Posted by Comiclove5

Is that a namor toy in the background?
Posted by No_Name_
@Comiclove5 said:
" Is that a namor toy in the background? "
Yap! :D
Posted by Joey Ravn

People who can't afford an iPod? And what about people who don't want an iPod? ;) 
I really like the "casual" approach you are giving to the videos now. Much more relaxed and spontaneous than usual :D

Posted by daken_2513
@spiderguylll said:
"So Namor staying on the X-Men? YYYEEESSSS "

I know right
Posted by lostlantern13

Tom Welling's more than just an actor...he's directed episodes and I think he's got an executive producer role on the show as well. Not sure, but I know he's more than just an actor for the show...which is why his opinion matters. 
Good news segment. That's such a charming ribbon, Babs :)

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

I agree with the guys on who should the first avengers villain should be.

Posted by MrCipher

Excuse the ignorance, but whats the alternative to being recorded live? Is there such a thing as making a recording of a recording and why would anyone do that? Or does it simply mean totoally unedited?
Posted by FoxxFireArt
Just the concept of Namor battling vampires makes me want to roll my eyes. Loved G-Man's commentary on that part. lol 
Wait a tick, if today is G-Man's birthday, why is he at work; or was that yesterday?
G-Man is right. The show Family Guy was canceled, but high ratings on Cartoon Network's late night run [adult swim] and high DVD sales spurred FOX to renew the series. Since then it's even had a spin off. So, it was the possibility for higher sales.
"More Moneys Honeys". Is that from something?

Well, looks like you have a whole Snow White vibe going with the hair ribbon. It's cute.
Posted by RedK
@FoxxFireArt said:

@Babs:  Well, looks like you have a whole Snow White vibe going with the hair ribbon. It's cute. "
was just gona say that
Posted by CoolHand
Dude, no way.  Sara's showing some cleav.  Means summer is fast approaching, and my days at Tahoe beaches are getting closer and closer.  @Babs:  Atta girl! 
In other news, Thor's Hammer at the end of the trailer looked far too much like resin/plastic.  You think they could've afforded to make it look a bit more believable.  Megan Fox being absent is more of a blessing than a curse.  And everything is better live - kudos CV!!
Posted by jordama

I miss the graphics that you guys could throw in before
Posted by Tainted-Cell

I still refer to them as MP3 Players! (because I don't have an iPod....)
I like the Skrull idea. There's already an existing presence in the Iron Man movies, as noted by Nick Fury explaining that Stark is NOT his only problem, and although it could easily be said he was referring to Thor, I'd prefer to think there is an amassing threat that calls for a team of super-powered individuals to combat. Also consider that this threat is not condensed into one person, as you'd expect SHIELD would have either had it taken care of, or called for help. With the Skrulls, you know, they're shape-shifters, and acting against them would call for a great deal of discretion, something Tony doesn't seem to comprehend at most points - which could be why Fury isn't ready to include him officially yet. The Ultimates fought against an amalgamation of the Kree and the Skrull (Chitauri), who essentially decide Earth has to go. It was pretty cool, but there was a complete lack of personality in the Chitauri - they're more like the aliens from Independence Day.... so I don't imagine that would work very well on-screen if they chose to go that route DIRECTLY. I don't imagine we'll be seeing anything directly adapted from the comics, which may be a good idea in the long run. 

Posted by brendon277

I sorta personally liked Megan Fox in The Transformers movie i wish she would return.

Posted by Somethingsaurus
Posted by Fuloqwam

AUGH!  Comicvine, I love you, but please show a LITTLE more professionalism when putting these videos together!  Seriously, if the girl in the video needs to have a discussion, then mic up the other guy and get him on camera to have a discussion.  Listening to her stop to ask questions every five seconds, followed by "Ehyah ghum hrm guffa Namor, buh hummah"  was unbearable. 

Posted by Cassio411

Love the bow & lipstick!

Posted by Decept-O

Perhaps you guys should go back to doing the recorded Weekly News.  I don't mind the effort at doing it live, but it gets distracting trying to hear what G-Man has to say.  Perhaps if you continue with it live, have G-Man in front of the camera too?   
The minor criticisms aside, Babs looked very cute, and I don't mean that in any pervo way.  Keep the energy going, guys, still love all you do!
Edited by MKF30

lol, Babs looks like a cute, little girl with the bow lol :P  
Cool video!
Keanu Reeves isn't that bad, he was AWESOME in Constantine, Matrix. I think that movie in general sucked lol Dracula... 
As for Smallville, Tom is saying the fans need to support, watch the show for it to come back. 
What Tom needs to do is say yes to being Superman in the future and the fans stop being dumb and agree...surely I don't have to mention Superman Returns was a tad disapppointing...

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I love the picture used before you push play and watch the video, Megan Fox and the model replacing her and it says "Who Cares?"

Posted by Preacherl2k

I like the news this way, I hate when the news sounds like some pre-recorded message you hear when someone doesn't answer the phone. So Keep up the Great work Gal(Babs) and off-screen guy(G-man) and camera man (Joey)!
On a side note I just Bought a MP3 player- the SanDisk 8gb with a 8gb mini card for $65. You simply can't get a 16gb I-Pod for that kinda money so there muahahaha ( cheapest I could find was $137 for the same amount of storage). So not EVERYONE has an IPOD!

Posted by ImperiousRix

Still continue to be cautiously optimistic about a Namor on-going. 
I will have to pray to my Namor action figure for good luck.

Posted by sora_thekey
@Joey Ravn said:
"People who can't afford an iPod? And what about people who don't want an iPod? ;)"
iTunes is not compatible with me!
He is cool as part of the X-Men! He's finally an established in the Marvel U that does not have him fighting the FF and trying to get Sue. 
Megan Fox: Kill her in Transformers 3!
Avengers: Skrulls there would make a good story if treated as it was in the Ultimates!
Smallville: I wish it wouldn't stop...  It's my Ultimate U of DC!
Posted by No_Name_
@ArtisticNeedham said:
" I love the picture used before you push play and watch the video, Megan Fox and the model replacing her and it says "Who Cares?" "
I borrowed that from Dr. Steve Brule
Posted by Grendel

Minnie Mouse did look cute and I do mean that in a pervo kind of way.

Posted by waruikumo

Love Olivetti, buuuuut his Namor is not the dashingly hansom namor of late.  He drew Namor in the Hercules Fall of an Avenger series.

Posted by grifter78
I agree, the bow is very cute.  :)
Posted by Quntumking

No no no no! Please no SKRULLS in the Avenger's movie. the Skrull's are more of a nemesis, for the Fantastic Four.i know nothing is set in stone but The master's of Evil ,Loki,Immortus,Thanos,or Mephisto would be alot better.if there is an FF3 the Skrull's would be great( a lot better than galactus in FF2)!  THANKS!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

love the bow babs , i love any actor/actress attempting at a British accent myself since its usualy way over the top poshness. Keanu struggles with depth in his own accent lol

Posted by 00 Raiser

I ready to see Dinobots in Transformers.

Posted by satanmode

Interesting... but constructive criticism coming...I wish that everyone who was spoken to off-camera (and without microphones) had been on-camera with microphones or not spoken to at all.

Posted by CletusTheFoetus

I think I prefer the old news rather than this new news. Get some mograph going on!

Edited by thabigred

I always seem to like namor when he does something with fantastic four or spiderman, other than that he seems like a dead character IMO. He plays well off of other established characters. That being said. Nice ska girl gettup babs.

Posted by NXH

Micheal Bay is a terrible director who should be hung, drawn and quartered.

Posted by ccrosby

Sarah, you look like snow white!   Really cute. 
As for the news-   
• Namor gets an ongoing; awesome.   
• Skrulls in Avengers movie;  hey it worked in the first volume of the ultimates, why can't it work in the movies? They didn't really explain a whole lot about them in the series, only that they were directly tied to cap and WW2 and that they are a shape changing alien race-  i"m fine with them being the main villain. 
• Megan fox not being in transformers 2; I actually liked miss fox being a part of the series (doesn't hurt that shes stunning), but if shes not going to be in it, do we really need to replace the character?  Who says that every movie needs a romance sub plot? I don't think transformers is really a movie I go into caring about the character's personal romantic lives. 
Lastly-  i have to agree with a lot of the people here, and although i liked the vid, if you're going to have g-man talking off camera you should just as well mic him up and throw him in front of the camera with babs.  This way sarah won't have to stare off camera for most of the vid and you might actually get to hear what g-man has to say.   

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

Fun segment all, loved the back-and-forth between the others off-screen.

Posted by goldenkey

all I could really hear was Babs
Posted by NightFang

Looking Hot Babs!

Posted by mimschkin

I say MP3 player! I don't like iPods...
And super cute bow!

Posted by save.me.now

I wouldn't mind seeing the skrulls in the avengers movie. What was going on in the first half of the video though? With all the long pauses it looked like they were stopping to write the cue cards while the video was being recorded or something =p
Grown Woman + Bow = hot
 who knew

Posted by LFCMANIA
i was hoping to get a little taste of your british accent again - but unfortunately we didnt get it *sniff* *sniff*
Posted by xerox_kitty

Sara looks like a cute little doll with the red ribbon in her hair.  I love it! :)  But don't put your accent down... it's a THOUSAND times better than Keanu Reeves! 

Posted by Bearded Justice

Babs always cracks me up in these.  Loved that Drac movie! 
Posted by SneakyPenguins

I love comic vine but some of these videos are painful to watch 

Posted by Pez85

Wait wait wait....Peter Cullen is gone?! Nooo! Booourns!

Posted by Media_Master

It seems weird to watch Sarah talk to Tony off camera.  
Tony is missing from the frame...

Posted by zedmanovic
@Bearded Justice said:
" Babs always cracks me up in these.  Loved that Drac movie!  "
i missed Winona Ryder...
and speaking of bloodsuckers, Blade was actually born and "gifted " with Vampire-like powers which makes him a mutant -- not "half-human/half-vampire"
i'm just kidding... but still, think about it @_@
Posted by ofaaron

Ipods are certainly "affordable" but definitely overpriced compared to alternatives and mainly lead the market because of brand recognition.
I know that has little to do with the rest of this video, but whatever.

Posted by ofaaron
Agreed. You two have great chemistry, but if you are going to do the news together, just do it together properly.
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