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Posted by immortalfireboy

Is it just me or is the video very dark?

Posted by Blue_Shield

I'm sorry, I love Dan Jurgens work, but how many times can you go back to this type of story.
Posted by Astroknot

video is kind of dark. but good stuff. 

Posted by JoeyF

Getting the video fixed now -- should be normal again shortly.

Posted by The_Martian

You missed mentioning the "Quests". Other than that great job. I'm excited for OMIT, but I hate the art for it.

Posted by Archetype

As long as the darkness isn't some sort of foreshadowing all will be well.I'm sure you guys are all con'd out but of course I can't wait to see more coverage from ya'll.I don't mind more Munn (yea alliteration!)especially since I haven't had G4 for like a year now.I wonder if when they say an X-Man will die they don't just mean get converted into a vampire although we've seen that cover with Jubi but she isn't exactly part of the team so...

Posted by Baddamdog

Babs where were you in todays unscripted!?!?!

Posted by Aspenite

Another X-title I´ll have to get...my pull-list is growing.

Posted by Whiplash

I think Olivia Munn is really good casting for the Wasp.
Posted by NXH

As much as I'm glad to see that bruce wayne will be returning. I'm not too fused with the whole return of bruce wayne and the hunt for bruce wayne. I am lookinf forward to this new x-men title (simply called x-men) and the whole concept of vampires will be something different. Even if vampires are been used alot such as twilight and whatnot. Plus, you got Paco Medina, who has done great work on deadpool.

Posted by eldestrisk

what do you think, is X-Men #001 going to be a limited or an ongoing?

Posted by sora_thekey
@immortalfireboy said:
" Is it just me or is the video very dark? "
Embrace the Dark Side!
Posted by jordama

oh, so Jubes gets bit, and now has powers and can join the x-men again

Posted by Neverpraying

Idk about Iron Man 2. I think there running out of actors and actresses, and ideas, and most movies these days are not very good, altho  how to train your dragon was a good movie.

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I think Olivia Munn could be a good Wasp but that's just me.

Posted by WickedWays
Agreed...  But, I really don't want Hank Pym in a movie and bringing in the Wasp means a 99.9% chance that we'll have to deal with Hank Pym on the silver screen in Iron Man 2 or, more likely, in the Avengers movie.  So, here's to hoping that they actually casted Olivia to play Spider-Woman, instead!
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I actually have been wondering if this news feature had been dropped.
As far as O.M.I.T. goes. I could bloody care less. Thanks to the whole BND/OMD story. Marvel has turned Spider-man comics into the bane of all literature. A static story. They have shown that the characters will never progress or advance. It will just be a cycle of the same old story in an endless loop. Which is why I wont buy any Spider-man comics.
So, now not only is the X-Men submitting to "TWITlight" Fever. They apparently can't seem to sell an arc without killing at least someone off. That was what they said about Second Coming. That "someone will die. Now, with this vampire story. It is yet again. "Someone will die." More and more I'm finding myself disillusioned with Marvel and more impressed with DC.
More like, "Embrace the Natural Lighting".

Posted by sora_thekey
@FoxxFireArt said:
"So, now not only is the X-Men submitting to "TWITlight" Fever. They apparently can't seem to sell an arc without killing at least someone off. That was what they said about Second Coming. That "someone will die. Now, with this vampire story. It is yet again. 'Someone will die.'"

I still think that the death in this arc might be a gag...  
Vampires are "dead" aren't they?
Posted by Gylan Thomas
To be fair it's not like BND was the first ever retcon.
Posted by carnivalofsins00

it seems like Babs hasnt been in a video for a while. it was good seeing you again. =]

Posted by Decept-O

I like Vampires and the lot, but having them show up again in super hero titles...*meh*...played out.   
I'm still stoked over the possibility of Munn playing Wasp, and not because it's Ms. Munn as Wasp, but just the possibility of having Wasp in the film--if it happens.  Fun to speculate but I like the character despite how poorly she's been written and handled in the Avengers books from time to time.  Hope it happens!   
@Babs: Hope everything's going well for you Babs!
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This could have been shot much better with better light and better editing.
but interesting news. THANK YOU!

Posted by FoxxFireArt
True, but they are publicizing this by trying to get people interested by saying that someone will die. It's that part that I take issue with. That they have such little faith in writing that they can only push that a death will happen.
@Gylan Thomas:
True, but what I take issue with was that Joe Quesada said that the reason they did the whole change was because readers couldn't relate to a married hero. So then what is the point of having him date anyone if it will never go anywhere? Why should we care what happens? From now on. Spider-man will never be a dynamic story. It's static and that is the worst fate for any story.
They basically gave the middle finger to readers who had supported the series for decades for "new readers". It's the new readers that were part of the purpose for the Ultimate and Marvel Adventures series.
Posted by Comiclove5

Cool, thanks for the News Babs.
Posted by Captain Norway

I'm still not convinced she is REALLY into comic books.  Hot chicks just ain't into it I'm telling ya! ;) 
(I'm just joking... OR am i?)

Posted by csimon

Mumm for Wasp hell yeah

Posted by ArtJoker

yay! X man

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

If whoever she was cast as was so non essential to the plot but they want to give her another chance, it will probably be another character similar to her original character, only somehow fit into the plot.  So like maybe a SHIELD agent, or a reporter, or something like that.  I don't think they would leap from a non essential character to Wasp.

Posted by Lustwish

well done!

Posted by bloodwulf

Sorry, I love Olivia Munn. She is not much of an actress, She is just eye candy.

Posted by bloodwulf
@immortalfireboy: it's really dark
Posted by _Sojourn_

was that Vampire Jubilee...OMG YAY YAY YAY...I hope she has her power or something...and also, That's not Twilight fever...Vampires have been a stake in Marvel for a while now (pardon the pun >_>) Does Blade, BloodStorm, Morpheus ring a bell???
Posted by MEBBIN

I'm not sure if O Munn has the acting chops, but she looks the part.

Posted by ldg220

I would love to see Olivia Munn as the Wasp...and i can't wait for OMIT

Posted by rbysjti

Who's gonna die? It's so thrilling.

Posted by No_Name_

Thanks for watching guys! Sorry I was looking off to the side. I didn't have the teleprompter.

Posted by mattydeNero

Munn would make a better Jessica Drew.  Any way you look at it, fanboys will be awaiting who she will be playing.
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I might pick up adjectiveless X-men vol 2 if it's fun but really why the hell are they going to kill someone off again it's like there just killing people for no reason and i don't know why some new writer is going to want him/her and do some shameless retcon