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These news videos get better and better

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Kudos on the editing, the side slide-show is looking amazing! 
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700th?! That'sa a lot of meat-a-balls.
I don't know how I feel about Cap at the cinema to begin with, never mind who's playing him. Are they going to flesh out his origins like Iron Man or just not bother like with Incredible Hulk? Me thinks they should go for the former.

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wait...so there's a trailer for Scott Pilgrim movie( can't wait to see it!!) , while a trailer for the Jonah Hex  hasn't been released yet ?? what's going on here?? I thought Jonah hex comes out before Scott pilgrim?? so shouldn't there be a trailer or teaser for Jonah Hex right now ??? I think this is due to the re shoots... they've been having...
EDIT:  These new videos keep getting better each week , can't wait to see next weeks!!!!!!! :D

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I am getting tired of saying "I can't wait" but I really do want to see what comes from most of what was covered.
I want to see the first Cap trailer already,X2 was pretty good but I just want to hear some casting news on First Class, and I thoroughly enjoyed last weeks podcast I just need to remember to be there in time to watch it live.

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I'm not sure re-casting someone as another Marvel hero was such a good idea, but we'll just have to see how it plays out.

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Chris should be either Hawkeye(Ultimate Hawkeye agent of SHIELD) or Jim Hammond the Original Human Torch not Cap.

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^edgar wright smiled when he saw this.

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Cake - Transformers

Cake - Spider-man
Yeah, for Batman....and Superman as well. I can make cakes, but sadly I can't deliver as far as California. Not unless you want to fly my out there to bake and decorate. lol These are the Transformers and Spider-man cakes I made for my cousin's son. This year I actually will be making him a Batman cake for his birthday next month.
I just don't know about Chris Evans as Captain America. I think he can be a charming actor. I thought he played Johnny Story quite well. Though, I admit that I'm not completely familiar with all of his works. He possibly could pull it off. How could of imagined Hugh Jackman could of played such a good Wolverine?

James Robinson was an excellent guest. Normally, I'm never too thrilled about guests on the Podcast, but that was quite informative.
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that Scott Pilgrim looks pretty average.... 
otherwise great vid Babs, have fun at the Con, Can;t wait for the vids!

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You guys should take me to Con with you :)

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Damn babs.

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scott pilgrim vs the world looks awesome sarah? you must be joking it looks horrible

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Michael Straczynski IS a reason for me to pick up a Superman comic.   
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"These news videos get better and better "

             Yeah and I wonder how their gonna top themselves next time.
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forgot to menstion Wonder Woman 600 :/

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I am looking forward to the captain america movie but i don't really want chris evans playing captain america. i mean i like chris evans but because he played the human torch i don't think its right that he plays capatin america as well.