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love deadpool.

Posted by crimsonspider89

You should have Deadpool appear next to you and the kissing stance.  
Also, the silhouttes is for Brubaker's secret Avengers. Two Avengers comics. 

Posted by Grendel

I feel like such a killjoy since any friends I have that read comics are huge into him, but I can't stand Deadpool. The humor falls flat far too often and there is never any sense of fear or dread in his books, you know he'll get ridiculously and implausibly torn apart and then be back good as new next week. 
Joe Kelly knew how to balance him in the 90's (And the Niceza miniseries still hold up), but now the piss-poor over-saturation of the character accentuates how obnoxious and unfunny he's become. All apologies to his fans.

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Posted by thatlad

Bleh to deadpool, give it a rest! 
Like that you used best scene of TDK, that still cracks me up

Posted by Mbecks14

hate deadpool.

Posted by Nyogtha

I loved Deadpool when I was a kid growing up in the 90's. So I love seeing him so big now. But he needs some of his grit back. The edge he had in Suicide Kings was great, and the way he was written in the Wolverine Origins series was too. But by far the best are The Circle Chase and Identity Disc.
They need to figure a way to balance out the darkness and the humor. They get to caught up in the humor and play him down to a kitschy Spiderman-esq character.

Posted by Man of Lengend

still love deadpool  ... agreed its too much lately but soon enough it will calm down
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I like the car. I could lose the Hoff.
The Superman movie needs a reboot. Which is a little sad given that only one modern film was made. I just wonder if Nolan is right for the franchise. Will he try and make it dark?
I don't think they need Joker in the next Batman film. Best not to mess with what was really something special. If they do add Catwoman. They need to make sure they don't pull that superpower crap from the previous film. If they cast well she might even get her own spin offs. If Deadpool gets his own movie, why not Catwoman.

Posted by greenenvy

I am glad you guess noticed this because deadpool is getting annoying really especialy if I am not a deadpool fan at all.
Posted by Aspenite

Deadpool is nearly everywhere!

Posted by Moomin123

Deadpool is awesome, even if some people think he's a cheap rip-off of Deathstroke. He's way better. I'm glad to hear about Superman's reboot, but I hope that it's an origin story and that Kevin Spacey returns as Lex Luthor.
Posted by -The Dark Knight-

mayb marvel is preparing us for a marvel movie of deadpool?? O.O

Posted by Freddy.Mercurial

they NEED to make a Superman flick with Darkseid & Braniac...  Some alien invasion type madness...  make it BIG...  & DARK...  yet, hopeful... 

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Babs are you an Avenger?????

Posted by starkiller95

deadpool is awesome!

Posted by Bruce Wayne_
Maybe you and I could do a news video together someday...
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I deny David Hasselhoff all the time :D 
Marvel seems to be kinda returning to a modern Golden age style wat with their Heroic age coming and the fall of Dark reign which i must say was a little shit when u compare i tto DC's Blackest Night which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Posted by sora_thekey

So was it all in one take? 
By the way @Babs... If you like Namor, does Aquaman fall into the same swimmer tights hero as Namor does in your book?
Posted by Capo_Del_Bandito
@Moomin123 said:
" Deadpool is awesome, even if some people think he's a cheap rip-off of Deathstroke. He's way better. I'm glad to hear about Superman's reboot, but I hope that it's an origin story and that Kevin Spacey returns as Lex Luthor. "
He *was* a cheap rip off of deathstroke. he started that way on purpose as a riff on the character. From the teams (Deadpool New Mutants/Xforce to Deathstroke's Titans fixation), their names, their age (deadpool was originally in his mid to late 40s) and their style with guns/swords/gadgets. Deadpool expanded thankfully.
Sadly though, he's everywhere being milked for too much, and there's not even a great series expanding ont he character. MWAM is fun, but Way's Deadpool is full of fail and missing the point of the character. Working on a point to throw him into crossovers and having him appear as an idiot for the most part, and no plotline beyond the crossovers, is just sad, not to mention lazy.
Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd

Superman doesnt need a rebooot... just  a revamp... Hollyweird is WAY too lazy nowadays 
"it worked with batman..lets do a reboot" is the callin card for EVERY single movie exec nowadays.. 
Jus bring back the SAME cast Keep Luther (NON-camp) &behind the scenes but bring in Doomsday have hime REALLY messup Clark &Metropolis.. make sure the line "Its why Im here..." gets in there somewhere &everythin'll be FINE

Posted by InnerVenom123

Well, at least Deadpool can never invade my comments...... 
"I'm sorry, you wanted me?" 
Oh dear God..... 
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Hey guys don't hate on Deadpool. Or I'll have to go Merc on your asses with my M60 laser scope! God i love that thing. LoL

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DEATH TO DEADPOOL.  i love him but hes become the new spiderman/wolverine, running it into the GROUND PEOPLE. 
Am I the only one that like the Veitch run on old fish face?

Posted by ComicvEfS

Gotta love Deadpool, I just want Marvel to make a really awesome story centered around the Fourth Wall Breaking Merc with a Mouth.