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Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

SAD about John F he did well with the Iron Man films! 
Arrow and I had a moment of wait... they are filming in Asia? SHIVA?!??!?!?!?!? 
thanks Babs! love your belt btw

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Im hoping for black mask and shiva and maybe Ra's Al Ghul returning

Posted by Eyz

Badass preview picture with Babs! XD

Posted by Duncan

Oh God Marvel not another (censored) event.

Posted by jordama

didn't we learn anything from singer leaving the x-men trilogy?
Posted by p3lon_

I agree the preview picture looks really great.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Since he won't be directing IM 3. Will he still be playing Happy though ? I don't see why not.
Posted by comicfetish

looks like Steve Jobs sent Babs a shirt for Christmas
Posted by Ellocobruja

Good Bye John you will be missed from Marvel films. 
Posted by spider-man 2996

Love the news. I am looking forward to Fear from Marvel
Posted by No_Name_
@comicfetish said:
" looks like Steve Jobs sent Babs a shirt for Christmas "
Only Steve jobs wears turtle necks
Posted by ImperiousRix

That really sucks that he's not coming back for Iron Man 3.  At this point... I'd actually consider not making it.

Posted by arrowfan237

Babs that was Damian Wayne in the picture, not Jason todd.
Posted by JonesDeini

Read Bab's Jason Todd piece, very well written article.

Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Thing on Jason, pic of Damian, smooth~ ^_^

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Ha, sounds like you were ready to say 4PM "specific".
Hearing Pepper Potts isn't going to be in Avengers movie is hardly big news. This should be about the team. Not just Iron Man. It's going to be hard enough to balance all these characters.
I do wonder what Batman Rises will have to do with Asia. You would think he would have enough to do in Gotham after the events of the last movie. In a way, this seems to imply Talia would play a villain. What other reason would he return to where he trained unless he had to?

Enjoy your Holiday break, Babs; and take plenty of time to enjoy yourself. I hope that package arrives with the drawing I made for your birthday arrives before you have to leave for the East coast. I just addressed the package to Comic Vine, and I forgot to add a letter explaining what the drawing was for.
I'm curious to learn if the Suicide Girls are able to get a booth this year after the suspicious news from last year.

Posted by ParaDemise

A successful week perfectly concluded with the sight of a pretty girl (that's you, Sara). I couldn't be more happier. Have a good weekend everyone!    

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The only thing I really hated from this news episode was Babs saying "Is it the end of the Heroic Age ?". 
This is my problem with Marvel.They are always trying to change the status quo and mix things up instead of doing something reasonable.Like you know telling good stories without the need to have a banter of their latest "mind blowing event".DC doesn't do this as much,oh sure you could say that Booster Gold and Power Girl's series have a slightly different feel to them since they are connected to one of the Brightest Story's but it doesn't say it upfront and they don't spalsh it across the title and you don't need to buy the other book to know whats happening in those individual titles.To me this proves that Marvel is scared that the only way to make a profit is to overload the market with their books and pointless crossovers. 
Posted by comicfetish
@Babs said:
" @comicfetish said:
" looks like Steve Jobs sent Babs a shirt for Christmas "
Only Steve jobs wears turtle necks "

or Shaft  :P
Posted by Big

YES, that Jason Todd article was VERY cool indeed. The best character study I've read on the site yet!
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Sara has a big belt or maybe it's a regualr size belt, because I know Sara is pretty small, loi

Posted by sora_thekey

Last Live show of the year?! and I missed it?!... Stupid Work! 
I should get started with my SDCC '11 plans! 1,000 tickets under a minute seems very desperate...

Posted by queenfrost_

WOW! What a great week :D Well done Babs, I too loved that belt ;)

Posted by leokearon

Anyone else see the Do You Fear... countdown clock at the bottom of the frontpage. It looks like the big reveal is in 3 days

- You look really sharp in black. I adore the big belt buckle too

- The movies will happen and be viewed either way, i can't say any news really affects my current future outlook on that.

- I have to pass on Marvels event tie-ins. No offense taken that theyre making another, I just can't keep up like I used to.

Posted by MagikGimp

I NEED that picture of Iron Girl Babs!

Posted by Kid_Zombie
@MatKrenz:  I like the crossovers. Not digging heroic Age, so i hope they go back to more of the darker tones they have had in the last few years. But just because this is an event doesn't mean heroic Age is done. Plus the "modern marvel" Was a great thing lasting 8 years, from avengers dissembled to Siege. heroic Age is just the beginning of the new era, it wont always be called heroic Age, but it will be known as such for a long time to come me thinks.
Posted by Mumbles

the heroic age just started. dead already?

Posted by Lukeweizer
@comicfetish said:
" @Babs said:
" @comicfetish said:
" looks like Steve Jobs sent Babs a shirt for Christmas "
Only Steve jobs wears turtle necks "
or Shaft  :P "
Steve Jobs is Shaft.
Posted by RiotBananas

Really not excited for Thor.

Posted by MoonstoneEvil
@Mumbles said:
" the heroic age just started. dead already? "
That's what I was thinking...
Posted by ComiCCloseup

Yeah the contet last week was so... lacking. I mean what happened guys?
Posted by Alphaproto

Please tell me I canget a hi res of that preview image so I can make it my desktop wallpaper.