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A Namor movie would be awesome.

Posted by Mr.Q
sorry but I don't see Namor getting s solo movie, maybe in a Fantastic Four movie or something but not solo, for the same reasons the Aquaman TV show fell through. but what do I know I'm not psychic. psycho maybe depending on who you ask but enough of my inane rambling. hold on hope I have been wrong before. 
Posted by daveydavey

Babs can time travel?  :)
Posted by CRACKERMAN92

A Namor movie would be epic

Posted by Namor1987
@CRACKERMAN92: Agreed 110%
Posted by sharky64

Posted by Mumbles

babs drives a delorean, hence her ability to time travel. 

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I think its because of Sony Pictures, not Spider-Man the character.  I could be wrong.  
Poor Babs had her Namor dreams deep-sixed. 
Posted by Hobbitgoth

Namor is so awesome! Why is he ranked so low on Comic Vine?

Posted by Praetor_fenix

Bummer, i find Namor to be a lot more interesting than some of the more popular comic characters, so i'd definitley watch a movie about him, too bad it doesn't seem to be happening very soon.

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Considering Namor is my ideal man (according to the delightful quiz i happened to partake in) a movie about him would be great. And as for  the Spiderman reboot, who cares indeed (rhetorical by the way, i know a lot of people do)

Posted by wingster

No belly button? It's like "I Dream of Jeannie" all over again... :o)

Posted by EGoD

Man that is cold, someone hyped the hopes of everyones favourite comic vine vixen, they should be smacked around with a warm fish.
Posted by Mumbles
he smells like fish
Posted by Drayco90

Never really cared for Namor, but maybe a movie would improve my opinion.

Posted by RiotBananas

Where is Sara's Belly Button?

Posted by rlmay3
@riotbananas: Life Model Decoy. That's how she's at NYCC and doing the news. That or the time travel thing.
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@riotbananas said:

" Where is Sara's Belly Button? "

Under her shirt.  Those are just some crazy low-cut jeans!  lol  However, the Life Model Decoy idea sounds far more logical and awesome! 
Also, Snyder directing Superman?  Definitely not my first pick for the job, but he's at least got some background in comic-based movies. 
Also also...sorry that someone smashed your hopes and dreams for a Namor movie, Babs.  However, let's be real:  is there even a person alive today that would be able to live up to your expectations of Namor?  Would you want someone to soil the name of the great Sub-Mariner?
Posted by ParaDemise

I don't mean this in a derogatory way, but the sight of you effectuated a smile on my face, sweet girl. Thank you.    
Posted by Lustwish

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  Super hottie with the Super news :)

Posted by Lustwish

Don't worry sweetie, youll get your movie as soon as they complete the Avengers movie.  And don't worry I am sure there will be a small appearance by your sea hottie Namor. 

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Sorry.  The person who did that photoshopped Facebook Namor stuff... That was me.
Just kidding.

Posted by PirateNeal
@riotbananas said:
" Where is Sara's Belly Button? "
she inst human, but we like to keep that info on the hush hush level
Posted by The_Martian

A Namor movie would be epic. Whatever happened with that rumor about Marvel doing "short films" before their movies. I could see Namor as a short film before Captain America or something.

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"Who cares?" LOL, I so agree with that Emma Stone comment

Posted by 00 Raiser

I give Namor credit. The character has come a long way. I was against the idea of him becoming a X-Man but I love how him and Iceman get along. LOL not to mention how he is so out of touch with the real world. Then there was the conversation he had with Beast which he pretty much verbally spit in the bull furballs face. Something I greatly enjoyed. So I say thumbs up for Namor.
Posted by CaptainGenisVell

Namor: The First Mutant?

Posted by vacseen

Well as far as i know Jonathan Mostow was rumored to rewrite and direct the namor movie. I think heard it was comin out in 2012. not sure though

Posted by sora_thekey

I Care!

Posted by Rheged

I want to see a Namor, but I want it done right, but someone with vision that cares for the character.
I also volunteer to help with the arduous casting process. :)

Posted by NXH

I like that shirt on you, Sara. =)  
What are those things dangaling on your arms?

Posted by Aspenite
@asmus said:
" A Namor movie would be awesome. "
Posted by www.deadpoolforum.com

Wow you looked really good here Sara.  
I want a Namor movie so bad.
Posted by The Psyentist

Namor. <3

Posted by claud

poor babs living her namor-wonderland xDDD 
I wonder if there was actually a Namor Movie, how would Babs act in cinema xDD  OMG i'd tottaly want to see that :PP

Posted by MKF30

lol@ where's her belly button... 
She's cute lol@ 2:09 with "cause that one was kind of sucky" haha, the way she said it was cute yet hilarious

Posted by GoddaM

Babs is too cute for words! <3

Posted by sweatboy
@MKF30 said:

lol@ where's her belly button... 
She's cute lol@ 2:09 with "cause that one was kind of sucky" haha, the way she said it was cute yet hilarious

Best. Comment. Ever. lol I liked her hair and yeah i had to watch it again to catch some stuff i missed cos i was distracted. LOL! 
HEY what did Namor tell the over worlders or whatever he calls us???? STAY AWAY from his world! We should respect him. Come to think of it,... being the OLDEST Marvel character,.. no one's really heard much about him, :( pity. Or is it? maybe that's what makes him so... ROYAL! or special. I bought an illuminati issue just for him. Namor is definitely badass, (he can swim in THE OCEAN without a SHIRT! come on!). Maybe it's cooler if he shows up as part of something else,... like Fantastic Four. And with the cancellation of  Aquaman STILL being talked about,...too early. Then again counting what? 60 years? TOO LONG as well
Posted by MKF30

lol I hear ya :P