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Good video.
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Xmen has suprised me thus far , i bet it manages to pull an x3 and dissapoint somehow thou. Poor Boarders they cant seem to get a break at the moment

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great! :D and by the way so did us english, came out 26th April ;D

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YAY Go English!
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Thanks for the news

Posted by Iron Apollo
I wonder if stealing of the superman historical sign was in response to action comics 900, him revoking being an American?
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I saw Thor on Monday in glorious 3D.

Posted by Farley Deering

Saw Thor in 3D this morning, very very good - for once living in Scotland when it comes to comics! :)

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Cant wait for the next issue of Fear Itself! Also Thor is going to be a great kick off to a summer full of great movies :)

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England reporting in. Saw Thor on Monday it is good. Two things to mention.

1) It's not worth paying extra for 3D. It adds nothing.
2) As is the trend with marvel movies lately, stay until after the credits.
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Hey you forgot about the Marvel MMO!

Nice vid tho :)
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Thor is coming! A movie i'm gonna see in 3D!
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Absolutely stoked to see Thor next week here in the Netherlands! The new X-men movie... not so much. The third movie (and especially Wolverine: Origin) left me disappointed.  I hope I'm wrong. Maybe I might see it as well. Thanks for news, Sara, and as always (I know you get sick of it, but I'm going to say it anyways) you look gorgeous.  
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Predictably Brightest Day ended with a belly flop...in time for Flushpoint...beginning to wish Geoff Johns would settle down for a year or so between 'industry defining' stories (meaning more recons and returns to the silver age).


Thor was actually surprisingly good, title fight however was a bit sad, but the humor made up for it.

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Sara's looking nice ;]

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Digital Comics aren't worth anything. They don't make for good reading at all.

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Where does one keep a stolen historical sign?

It's not like you can just put it in your living room and have no one notice it.

"Hey, Bill.  Where'd you get the 'Birthplace of Superman' sign".
"Funny story about that..."
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Just came back from seeing Thor and all i can say is that i smash my cup and demand to see it once more :P

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Went to see Thor on Wednesday its freakin insane, not going to give much away but stay after the credits! 

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thor is not God. Blasphemy! >:(

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Lex Luthor needs too give back the sign!!! 

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Awesome recap of the week!

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mmm Sarah looks really cute with her hair down :P lol

Anywho, yeah lame that someone stole the superman sign...lame
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Going to see Thor 3D now!

At least I can say "HURRAY!" for Brazil this time, for having the chance to see the movie already! :D
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Thor was pretty good I thought, 3D just adds really nice depth to movies, it’s not necessarily things jumping out at you all the time. But yeah, stay until after the credits for the little extra reveal. 

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Super villains are real and stealing Superman Signs!!! were doomed! DOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMED!!!

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@The V0id said:
                Sara's looking nice ;]

when is she not :)
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@Iron Apollo: It would be wired if that was the reason, but maybe the 'Tea Party' has the sign.
Posted by Iron Apollo
@NightFang: It's already a weird coincidence.
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@Farley Deering said:
"Saw Thor in 3D this morning, very very good - for once living in Scotland when it comes to comics! :) "

Same with Australia! Just saw it too, amazing.
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Yeah, saw the 3D version of Thor two days ago here in Belgium. It. Was. Awesome.
Really like the best movie adaptation so far, in my opinion.

And I'm so anxious to read Fear Itself #2! Want it, right now!

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What will I do without my beloved PSN..

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Thanks for the news comicvine.

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I'm so excited about Thor.
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Hey babs YOU ARE HOT....just sayin
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Thor was pretty epic for a Marvel movie...

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@lazyman said:
" Lex Luthor needs too give back the sign!!! 


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I'm gonna watch Thor tonight! YAY for living in New Zealand!
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Thor is a ficitonal God of thunder. hehe.  by the way, Swamp Thing turned into Black Legion? Wow. 

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that's my favorite movie i saw it twice at the movies and bought the DVD / blue ray combo pack when it came out

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