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Comic vine news: this site has bugs
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What about the happy hour?

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Get well soon Sara!
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I prefer over the top comic book villains to the real world kind.

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I'm never going to Comic-Con 
Get well Sara.
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Real world villains? No Mandarin?

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Wish i lived in America lol but females always seem to be captured for story kinda played out unless she sets batman up ...

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cool news

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 In the picture: does anyone notice the bat-nipples? 

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...thats an odd way to start the game. Why is capturing Catwoman a show of force exactly? If its not to lure BAtman into a trap, this is a lame idea. And then the question becomes: exactly how many people know about Catwoman and Batman's relationship? i always figured they where keeping that hush hush, so that this exact thing wouldnt happen.

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Thanks for the news about all things comics(-related), Sara. Now, you go home, have a light dinner and a good nights sleep. Use the weekend to recover. Get well soon, girl!
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short but sweet

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I think Mandarin should appear in Iron Man 3. We have seen armor technologies clashed against each other in the last two movies, It's time to add a little bit of magic.  

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Two-Face looks really un-real.

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That picture of Catwoman slashing Two-Face is an old one, we just didn't have context for it before but I have definitely seen it like last year. The story of the game has already been talked about a little I thought I have read some things on gaming sites anyway. The city is the new detention center for the criminally insane because the asylum just couldn't cut it anymore and Hugo Strange is appointed warden of the city. Within the asylum gangs form; Two-Faces gang, Riddlers gang and Harleys gang (joker is still recovering from the events of the first game and makes appearances) Two-face capturing Catwoman as a show of force could make sense because perhaps she is also the leader of a gang or at least a well known enough that capturing her and whatever else would be impressive. Catwoman clearly has been brought in to represent Batman's love interest.
Anyway good news as always, Babs sounds a lot better than she did on the podcast hope she's well!

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get a lot of rest and get well. good luck. and good times.
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First off Giants suck =) 

Really wish I could goto comic-con QQ. That batman game looks meh, never been a fan of his games hopefully this one may draw me in. 
Get well get well soon we hope you get well, Sara.

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Is there a reason I can't watch videos?

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Great news

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get well soon

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Great segment, short but concise. Also, get well soon Sara.

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 Get well Sara.
i hope iron man 3 does well with the fans...me being one of them :)

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Did she do something with her hair  :) 

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oh-hope u feel better, don't party too hard babs 
..wish everyone in Japan well, my prayers go out to u guys
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Great news per usual! 
Get well soon!

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Thanks for the news, Babs.

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Feel better Babs!

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Iron Man 2 was awful.

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video games,movies and hotel reservetions
those the comic news of the week?

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  • I get into Con for free almost every year. *bragging sequence deactivated*
  • That Iron Man statement was a bit of jab don't ya think? Lol!
  • The Spidey musical needs to be squashed. *lame pun sequence(?)*
  • Arkham City's gonna be great. Everyone gonna have their nitpicks and fan-boy-ish rants but at the end of the day the first game (and I'm betting the sequel) will stand as the best game adaption of a comic book or it's character. Can't wait!
  • Get well soon, Babs! GO Giants... straight to h3LL!!! Mwahahahaha! *cough* (ouch) 
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I'm glad to see Sarah roots for the right team.
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Wishing you WELL!!!!! 

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I think I would want to go to comic-con at least once and I don't don't know if Iron man fighting real life villains would make for a good movie, I'd much rather a villain from the comics like the mandarin as others have stated. 

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yep, FLASH
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@Dakens son said:
" video games,movies and hotel reservetions those the comic news of the week? "
Sorry, we had to shoot the video Wednesday (because Joey was at SXSW) and all the big news came out Thursday and Friday. I tried my best though!
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thanks for hanging in there with us Sara. im not psyched about Iron Man 3's plot synopsis so far - but im gonna try and push through too.
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@Babs said:
" @Dakens son said:
" video games,movies and hotel reservetions those the comic news of the week? "
Sorry, we had to shoot the video Wednesday (because Joey was at SXSW) and all the big news came out Thursday and Friday. I tried my best though! "
Forgot the difference in hour zone!
You live in u.s.a. I live in Greece!
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hmm.. i find it quite good that they've decided to focus the stories on more single characters in comic book movie adaptions. It allows for more character development, and could possible prevent the overall plot from being to thin or all over the place.

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cant wait to see two-face....or as my 5 yr old calls him tooth-paste

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I dont think that Spiderman musical is meant to happen lol