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4 colours, 4 colours, 4 colours... hmmm who could it be?

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hmmmmm no clue I was thinking Wolverine (Blue & Yellow, and Orange & Brown) but I know thats not the answer.

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Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red

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thanks ive just started watching Dragon Ball so I guess him right away.

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I really want to see The Wolverine. Man of Steel and Wolverine movie, cant wait.

Four Colors...how bout Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader or Spiderman.

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Should've told us the colors at least! Cool flyers btw.

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I'm gonna guess Spider-man. He does technically have four colors... red, blue, black lining, and white for the eyes. I also know there are a couple of Spidey mangas

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I think it's spiderman too.

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The most popular American character adopted by Japan would be Micky Mouse (don't think he would count as a superhero in this context).

Other than that I can't think of anyone else. No American superhero is really big in Japan. The only one I can think of, that would be the best answer, would be Spider-Man. He was the only American superhero, I can think of, that had his own Japanese television series.


Though truthfully speaking, nothing of the Japanese version was remotely similar to the American Spider-man other than their costumes.

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The question is who is the most popular superhero from the US in Japan, so that excludes Goku, since he's from Japan or originated from there.

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Goku or the stretchy guy from One Piece

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I'm putting my money on Goku or some anime character. Other than that, my knowledge of Japanese superheroes is next to none. Those were great little flyers going on! Can't wait for The Wolverine to be honest.

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I would also guess Spider-Man. Red, blue, white and black?

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how about super-man or wonder woman? does skin colour count? ;-)

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I understand your answer may not be completely serious because this is more of a fun thread. But the question is a mystery. Wolverine has a yellow and blue costume as well as a tan and brown costume. He has other costumes too. Superman usually has Red, yellow and blue, sometimes some black on the S-symbol. Superboy had a black leather jacket. Robins have red, yellow, green and black. Even Batman, though mostly black, has some yellow and depending on which era/costume, he's got grey and blue too. Goku originated in Japan and the guy said AMERICAN superhero.

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You're right it's spider-man! He even had his own TV series.

G-man that was the best translation for Wolverine I have ever seen :)

アイアンマン3 really does say Iron Man 3 It's short but remember other than the letter N and vowels all the other letters can come in pairs.