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Very nice of Xerox-Kitty!  Happy B-Day, G-Man.   
I think bubble wrap to Sara may be like catnip is to cats.
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Sarah is so cute. XD

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Awww that's so nice of Xerox-Kitty, keep it up!! Making us Brits look good ;)
Happy Birthday G-Man, and Happy...Bubble-Wrap.....Popping...Day Babs!?!

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Those are awesome! And Happy Birthday!!! :D

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LOL - Holy Macaroni !!
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That was a nice gift. The Sonic Screwdriver is pretty cool.
Happy Birthday G-Man!

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Happy B-Day G-Man!
I wish I had a Sonic Screwdriver...

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Brilliant idea. I didn't even know the 11th's was out, I should pay more attention.

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Very awesome! Happy birthday!

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Nice gift Kitty! 
Happy Birthday G-Man!

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XeroxKitty that is an awesome gift!
I really need to watch Doctor Who!

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Oops... Sorry to the G-Lady ("Mrs G-Man"??).  I didn't think what it'd be like for her with you running around with 2 sonics ;)  
I recycled packing & bubble wrap, so some of that bubble wrap came from Skottie Young (when I bought Junk One).  So it's double the present (some popping fun for Babs too ;) 
You have no idea how much I wanted to say something after you tweeted about the box (but I suspected you'd guess it was from me).  Only this time I put the return address on, so you wouldn't think it was full of anthrax again ;p  Anyway... Happy birthday & have fun! 

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Cool.  Is the new Dr. Who as good as David Tennant ?  I have them DVRd but I haven't caught up on Tennant's last few Dr. Whos.

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@xerox-kitty: That was soo nice of you! You managed to give both G-Man and Babs presents at the same time!
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Great gifts! 
Happy belated B-Day, G-Man!
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That is pretty cool.

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Hahaha. Dontcha just love us brits!