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Posted by Jeffmoocow

Not a huge fan of Superboy but I may have to check it out because I am loving Sweet Tooth.

Posted by Asymmetrical

the background makes it look like you guys had to go hide in a corner to do an interview without getting bumped into constantly :P
I am enjoying Sweet Tooth and really liked The Nobody (which was released in HC last year and TPB this year)...I think I identify him as more of an artist though since his art style is so unique so reading Superboy if it's only written by him may seem odd to throw in the mix with his creator-owned works

Posted by TimDrakeRedRobin

babs looks so tiny next to him =D
Posted by zombietag

i love sweet tooth. its awesome. 
hes kinda dorky, but it makes it even more awesome

Posted by daveydavey

Sweet Tooth is Awesome