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Always loved Diedrich. They should bring back Korgoth of Barbaria 
edit : haha The first time I'm accidentally first and didn't get the quest 

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Haha, ''I say ra's al ghul''.
Look at the smile at  Tony's face:-D

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@kungnima: :D
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"Soon I'm not Batman." lol
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@G-Man:  Hah ''in your face, suckas''
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I'm Batman  
Soon Im Not Batman  someone needs to make those into a easy button yes?  
 o goody he is going to be on Outsourced  
G-Mans face on the Ra's Al Ghul issues was just hilarious 

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Awww... I'm partially saddened that its actually pronounced Ra's(reysh) 
I liked the feel of saying Ra's, but anyway its nice to know we now have a definitive answer :D

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Great Batman hopefully he can voice the character in other things. And I am glad he said it's pronounced Rash that's how they said it in Batman the Animated Series, now Brave and the Bold and Batman told us how it is suppose to be. 

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Lol Gman you are a legend. You actually went that far to prove yourself right. Fair play to you sir :P I bow to your superior knowledge

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I was walking by the Plaza Hotel in NYC (59th and 5th) about a month ago and I saw Diedrich.  Totally forgot he was the voice of Batman though.

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i like RAZ a ghul better

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Exactly... who knows best? Warner or DC... I'd say DC! 
So yes, that's exactly how I say Ghul's name!!! 
YAY Comic vine... It's my go to place for all things comic con! 

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I miss the Drew Carey Show...

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G-man looked like he was so happy when he was right about Ra's Al Ghul's pronunciation

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"Raish" is how it always was for me and no movie, despite the movie being quiet good, will ever change that

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I really love the show and his Batman voice, probably my favorite after Conroy! He's soooo great!

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that was great. but i am still going to say it as Raz. i dont think i could change it if i tried. i didnt get that from the movie, i thought that was how it always was from the comics. i think it rolls off the tongue better anyway =p
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I don't think it really matters how anyone says Ra's. I just was given a lot of flack (for saying it correctly). When you read the comics to yourself, you could call him Bob al Ghul if you wanted.

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You should've asked him if he ever DID get the two chicks at once.

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I knew it wasn't RAZZZZ.  I'm no expert in Arabic(anyone here?), but I remember someone telling me the DC way is closer to how one would say a similar sounding Arabic name.

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In the Batman Beyond episode "Out of the Past" Terry says "RAZZ" and Bruce corrects him - saying that it is common misconception... 
Pretty much every incarnation I've heard (apart from Batman Begins) his name has been pronounced "RAISH" - anyway, for the puposes of nostalgia (and possibly an influence for G-Man's 3-minute expert videos) I give you this: 

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I still favor ROZZ
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I love Batman: the Brave and the Bold  sad to see it go. 
Great Interview.
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Everything Cartoon Network dose that I like leaves too soon JLU ,Batman the brave and the bold, Teen Titans, and even Samurai Jack.

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Love Diedrich Bader