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mmm mmm silver fox!

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Wow Great Interview. ^_^

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She is awesome...

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Hopefully it comes out in the UK on the 2nd of August 

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That was a fantastic interview!  I L.O.V.E. Batman: Under the Red Hood.  My dream picture next would be for them to get this same cast back together and did some more Jason Todd adventures.  He is the bad penny for Batman, he'll keep coming back. 
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She's like the coolest lady around.  Totally what you'd expect a great director to be - expressive, communicative, and makes you feel super at ease!  SHE'S AWESOME!

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I loved her work on everything she's done. From Under The Red Hood, to StarCraft 2.

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Under the Red Hood was great. That crowbar scene was downright chilling to watch.

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Oh, man. Her name has been on so many beloved cartoons over the years. I love that woman. And you know what? She's a total looker too. Someone else called her a "silver fox." Accurate! <3 you, Ms. Romano. Thanks for your awesomeness.

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If they do not hire her they are missing out, she has cast the voices of so many superheroes, when I read the characters in the comics its those voices I imagine.
I can not stop hearing Kevin Conroy when I read Batman, or Clancy Brown when I read Lex Luther.
Hire her!

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She really is remarkable. If you look up her resume, it will blow your mind. She's done so much, it's insane. And a lot of classic stuff of which I had no idea, like Smurfs, Super-Friends, Animaniacs, etc.. 
Sheesh, take a vacation, lady! And when ya get back, cast me, cast me!

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bat )))

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She's awesome I'd love to work for her, since Voice Acting is my dream job! :)