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I've certainly been digging the Luthor arc so far, and can't wait for Death's appearance.

Posted by Mask of Tengu

I think Action Comics should stay focused on Lex Luthor for a while...I haven't enjoyed this comic for a long time until now...
Posted by Decept-O

Does Lex really have an infatuation with Lois Lane?  I must've missed something.  A robot version of Lois complete with an arsenal.  I won't even ask where he keeps "Lois" at night. 
Posted by King Saturn
awesome video G-Man... 
Posted by Grimoire

Well I was hoping to see Luthor getting beaten three different ways for this arc but since things are going well for him I'm not reading it. lol I have always hated the bad guy winning in any way.

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Seems like a really interesting series.  I'm not sure if I'd follow a series that revolved around Lex, but it looks pretty intriguing, especially his infatuation with the power rings.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

sorta reminds me of when Kyle was split  from his GL persona back in JLA 
he almost went crazy brcause hencouldnt express himself in the same way he could when he had his ring
Posted by Bobby X

By far, my fav on-going right now. I absolutely love this book.

Posted by Eyz

Looks like a kickass arc!
Reminds me of the other previous Lex-centric arc "Lex Luthor: Man of Steel".
He's a great main character!

Posted by Green ankh

I havent been picking the Lex Issues up... but thanks to G now i am going to have to spend some cash.
Posted by G-Man
@Green ankh: You're welcome? It'll be worth it.
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Good vid G-Man, really enjoying this arc with Luthor, didn't expect too as well, Cornell is a great writer.

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I totally agree this has been a great series and i love Lex Luthor's character in these books. Now what has been bothering me is who is behind all of this. The only thing that i have noticed is that he was hung upside down. And in Tarot cards a man hanging upside down is typically the picture of the Fool card so i think that this might be a reference  to the tarot cards like in Arkham  Asylum this is just an idea that has been in my head that i thought i would share

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I love this arc.

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I pretty much fell out ofmy chair laughing when Lois whipped out machine guns and started shooting at Lex's command! The Lois robot-thing is so funny... and somewhat disturbing. LOL at "someone to 'talk to'"!
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I have the same shirt G-Man! : D