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Sometimes its cool sometimes its lame, imo.

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I like your t-shirt, @g_man on this video! Very cool and rather ironic!

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Another shirt cool shirt from Tony. lol I honestly think to care about characters dying or coming back is tired old topic. I no longer care for it. To me it not about the character dying, it's really just having a break from the character and what the death represented can co-relate to us as we live in this world. It's just to remind us or anyone in the world on what can death do or mean to us.

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2 minutes just isn't long enough! I don't like most super hero deaths, because it usually involves silly things happening to kill such a powerful character like Superman, and I wanted to feel that Damian was just too good at fighting, and too good at being naughty, to die. Deaths in non super hero comics are good though because it is normally the real end of the character so it does have meaning.

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I like the concept of these 2-minute time-out's. But i do think that maybe there should be a little prep-time, no to disrespect G-man, but most of these clips, he just rambles a bit.. Just a tip :-)

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No prep time at all!

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Whoa! Nailed the landing!!

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Good Points.


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I like the 2 min videos but I want more 3 min or less videos!

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Cool video.

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And i feel kinda embarassed that i didnt know Wolverine was dead in Ultimate.........really embarassed.
I read Ultimatum only from the Ultimate SM books.....didnt read all Loeb's thing,so....yeah.

I like the 2 min videos but I want more 3 min or less videos!

Yeah,bring back the 3min expert vids!

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It is a delicate balance to kill a character and make it mean something. I don't have any problem with characters being killed off and coming back but I would like for it to be less frequent. If we only get one death every 5 to 10 years then it means something but when characters routinely die every year then I just don't care anymore. Also, going hand in hand with that is the need for less events. It seems like events use a death as a way to leave a lasting impression on the universe fairly regularly and that is just lazy writing.

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Should super-heroes kill?

Does Batman invite villains to Gotham?

What happened at the end of The Killing Joke?

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He should talk about the constant reboots and character modifications in the DC Universe vs the single continuity in the Marvel Universe.