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first again, I have been first for all 7 episodes, I am kool

I think Batman will fly into the sun, repair it, and grow into a god like state

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Sweet T-Shirt in the video, please tell me you have another one that says "And Happy New Year"? Ah, memories. Who's up for a Home Alone marathon?

I have to go TDR future for Bats, only because that's my favorite (The speech when he's fighting the mutant leader in the mud gives me chills every time I read it)

What was up with the nurse in Damian: Son of Batman? I'll get the rest of those issues just to have that question answered. I was confused, terrified, and disgusted at the same time.

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Nice shirt

I think I like TDK Rises, were he retires happy and relatively young,

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Sorry but Batman would go all Kingdom Come wear a suit and use drones before he lets some loser like Terry to pick up the mantle

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I would go with Beyond. That makes more sense at the moment. Of course with Damien being dead, it makes son of Batman a bit less likely.

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@g_man: That would be appreciated :)

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Stumbled on your words, Tony. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I'd like Bruce Wayne to be happy like what we saw in The Dark Knight Rises. As for Batman, Batman will always continue. Terry is perfect. I haven't finished the Animated Series of Batman Beyond but what I heard from Fatman on Batman about the ending. Then, yeah.

However, Beyond Universe ain't really DCU canon, so there was Damien. The remains of the former Batman Inc? Like Batwing, Nightwing, Batgirl and etc. still patrolling Gotham? There's still the presence.

The more I think about it, Bruce Wayne in TDK Trilogy is a great one-off story. I just wish there was a little more/enough development to have an attachment with John Blake to trust him with the mantle. As for the comics, well thank the New 52 he's still young and won't be retiring anytime soon.

Might be an unpopular opinion but let's say The New 52 runs for, like say, 25 years. Might actually give him an ending every now and again until then, then Universe Reset!

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I think Batman won't stop until he dies that's the only way I can see it, Batman uses the Kingdom Come suit and robots to patrol Gotham. Before he dies he uploads his conscience to a android like Batsman.

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I always liked the idea of Batman Beyond and anyway I think I heard how DC is bringing Terry into the main universe so that may be the future of the Batman.

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Batman Beyond will always be the best future! x)

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Yay he did my suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would like more here's a few

1. since its almost new years how about you do something with a. new starts in comics like jumping on points or b. epic first issues or beginnings for heroes

2. I still think indie titles need some love like your personal fav indie titles or which ones are currently good

3. most inspiring moments in comics (something ive always loved)

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Yeah, the Batman Beyond future seems the most likely. If you read Micron's origin story over in Justice League Beyond, we actually see how Bruce ended up where we find at the beginning of the first episode in Batman Beyond. It's revealed that Bruce was so obsessed with fighting crime that as he grew older and realized that his time as Batman would soon come to an end, because of this Bruce decided to put all of his focus on being Batman, basically abandoning his responsibilities as Bruce Wayne. This led to him becoming distant with his allies, becoming very reclusive, and even causes him to lose control of Wayne Enterprises to Derek Powers.

The idea that Bruce would continuing fighting as Batman as long as he physically could, as we see in Batman Beyond, would probably be the most likely outcome. Once he is literally unable to do so he would eventually be forced to pass the mantle on to a new Batman, like Terry McGinnis.

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I'm in aggreeance with War Killer, that seems more likely and the best route.

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I think the Dark Knight Returns future is possible as well as if it and the Batman Beyond origin were slightly rewritten or messed with then I would say TDK returns could run into the Batman Beyond universe. For an ending to that though I think since Bruce created Batman i think he would want it to die with him and not have someone else becoming someone like him. Terry could still become Batman but I think Terry should walk away from the suit at some point and let Bruce put an end to it.

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Yeah, Batman Beyonds version seems most likely. Batman's always trained up kids, it's what he does. It makes sense too, he is able to more easily mold a young person to his kind of thinking

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@allstarsuperman: How about a 24-hour forum ban for constantly being off-topic and spamming on the forums?

If anyone deserves a ban its this guy @wardly1

In my mind, bruce never dies. Did anyone read Generations by John Byrne? Its a very silver age type tale but also a phenomenal read. In the story Bruce fights Ras Al Ghul to the death (yes he lets Ras die, deal with it lol) inside the Lazarus pit and in doing so tacks on about 1000 years to his lifespan. I don't see any good reason that Batman needs to get old or die.

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I've always loved bat future stories.