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Well Superman did take on Joker once. Didn't work out so great for the Clown Prince of Crime.

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After seeing the video I have 1 question... Is there A Mrs G-man and if so did she see him dance before they got married?

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@micah: also in Man of Steel mini in '86.....or theirabouts...maybe it was Action Comics....

@G-Man: this is the main reason I enjoyed the Mark Shaw Manhunter series way back when...he took on other heroes villains......usually with prep and by surprise when they were "weakest", but still.....

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Could be a legal issue. The superhuman law offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway likely have hero/villain contracts dating back to the Golden Age, in the form of original print issues. :)

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I think Tony gave a well thought out explanation here. One thing I would add is that one of the big things that distinguishes heroes from villains is character flaws, so a lot of times there is an ego involved that consciously or sub-consciously seems to make the villain seek out situations where they must face off against their "arch-nemesis". I think that could be a reason why you see a lot of your low-level bank robbing types like Shocker, Rhino, and Captain Boomerang move around the Marvel U more than people like Green Goblin or Magneto.

Also, great example of an equal opportunity villain who has fought just about everybody, Count Nefaria.

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What it comes down to me is grudges. GG has a grudge against Spider-Man, for example, and Spidey always feels obligated to take him down. Same with X-Men and Magneto.

Also, @g_man: never got to say this, but you're so cool, dude!

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I think when it comes to DC in particular, all of those characters in isolation from each other so the villains are solely developed for that hero; Batman and Superman villains ever crossed over nor did they crossed over until much later. A shared universe didn't exist there. Marvel was more a shared universe but even characters didn't face off from each other. Green Goblin ever faced The Fantastic Four.

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what the heck is this question hello this happens all the time. etc

1. daredevil vs electro,kingpin,tombstone, enforcers and many others( all spider-man foes)

2. dr doom vs the marvel universe

3. brainiac,doomsday and lex luther( superman villians) vs justice league

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Moon Knight has battled Hobgoblin and Dr Doom before, does that count? :)