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Posted by Bl00dwerK

Yeah, alot of those toys are ridiculous. Spider-Man ALWAYS has a four-wheeler! WHY?!

Posted by Wardishy

Yeah, there really is some terrible merchandise out there.

Maybe for a future instalment, you could talk about why comics based on other media often aren't that great? Like TV tie-ins, prequels, video-game comics, that sort of things.

Posted by NightFang

And I thought toys were getting better.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Try these guys for a decent selection.


I have not run into the campy stuff the box store seem to be full of.

Posted by Techherofan

While there's no excuse for the sub par video games the gaudy toys are gear toward young kids who either to young to care or just really destructive with their toys after all an $8 toy is easier to replace then say a $600 hot toy figure.

Posted by WheatStalker

Not always, but toys and figures might be like spoken languages ... they make more sense if you're from the culture that produced them.

Posted by impossibilly

Am I the only one who thinks that @g_man completely missed the point of the question? It looks like Kris was asking about the hit-or-miss quality of comic books based on TV shows, video games, movies and toys, not the other way around.

Posted by grazeanatomy