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Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Good episode, since were addressing specific topics, can you talk about what it was like growing up with the Superfriends? I've never really been able to listen to someone who grew up with them. You could also talk about the evolution of comic book cartoons/animated series over the years.

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Posted by Crimsonlord53

I smell a retcon coming. Cap's comic history is 70 odd years old and wolverine is close to 50 there are gonna be things that just don't work out time and place wise.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@g_man: That would be cool too

Posted by rob1157

Hmmm Time for the New Nu Marvel, I guess.

Posted by dotwilson

@g_man: what shirt is that dude? ms. marvel?

Posted by Bl00dwerK

The James Howlett story, the bone claws, all bullshit. Chris Claremont should be asked what his original plan for Logan's history was, if he even had one, and retcon everything else...

Posted by LoganX360

This is what happens when DC skrull writers come to the Marvel Universe After Botching the Death of Superman & the death of batman , & come to the Marvel U to mess things up , the name James howlett was introduced to the marvel universe after 2004 , it was vaguely written for the Ultimate version of Wolverine which is 6 feet tall , & background different , The Story Between Cap & Wolverine changes because , Wolverine went through mind illusion plates put there by PROFESSOR guy behind Dark winds Weapon X program , & Captain America was Frozen for 50 years . It was all pretty smooth until DC writers started messing stuff up.

So why would Cap Ask Logan anything about the past , if they were both Top Secret Militants , its all strictly confidential . & calling each other by different code names depends on who's around .

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@captainmarvel4ever: I am in my 40's so I did grow up with them. I know this sounds cheesy, but we didn't have the tech we have today, handheld gaming, or consoles the likes of even a SNES was sciene fiction and fantasy to us. And as such, what we did as kids to entertain ourselves is vastly different then what you have today.

So we used to ride on our bikes to our friends houses, and knock on doors to see if your friends could come outside and play. Be home when the street light came on....and don't let your mother call you home more then once either..

Back then..Get a group of your friends which normally ran from 3-5 kids, little brothers and sisters were included. Saturday Morning cartoons were prime time for kids, bowl of feral, your pajamas and all the super heroes and animated shows you could watch from 7 am with Davey and Goliath until about noon with Kung Fu theatre, WWF Superstars, or the Creature Feature Movie would come on.

But when the cartoons went off..Mom would kick your little butt outside to go play ( unless it was raining) And everything you just watched...You would act it out in your backyard. Superfriends was on of those shows that just fueled your imaginations, tying towels around our necks with our hands spread as we ran pretending to be Superman ( or any character with a cape).

The oldest was always Superman, the girls were Wonder Woman and of course there was always that wise ass who who call being Spider-man or The Hulk and ruin the game lol.

So I am not sure how old you are, but I assume you have heard your folks say "It's a beautiful day, go outside and play" once or twice. It was because we have fond memories of our childhood, and it was shows like The Superfriends that paved the way for that. hope that helps :)

Posted by danhimself

Wolverine was already calling himself Logan by the end of the first Origin mini and his memories were already starting to fade at the end to...that was back in the early 1900's....it was revealed that his healing factor is so strong that it actually eats his bad memories for him...Weapon X didn't happen until after Captain America was in ice where Wolverine's memories were more thoroughly wiped

Posted by G-Man

@danhimself: Yeah. But the point is, the story in UNCANNY happened BEFORE Weapon X. So Cap should have known they met but never brought it up or asked how come he forgot.

Posted by Techherofan

I just chalk it up to the same comic book logic that allows people in the Marvel universe to hate mutants but have no problem with the other super powered people.Looking to deep into comics brings lots of flaws to light.

Posted by comicdave1

When Cap met wolverine in secret wars, wolverine wore a mask and had metal claws.. when he met logan in the early years, logan seemed normal.. there's no way Cap would think the masked mutant with metal claws could be one in the same

Posted by Winter_Kills

I remember during the Secret Wars, when Wolverine acted like a total jerk to Cap, questioning his leadership, even saying "he's the least of us!" which is obviously not true, as Thor proved when he said Cap was the only mortal he'd ever follow, and as Cap proved himself through his actions. So in retrospect it's interesting to see the history they would later have through the magic of retcons. And I do like them having a history, at least Claremont's version(not Way's revision too much). Like earlier posters I chalk it up in-universe to Logan not using claws during his WW2 encounters with Cap, him wearing a full mask in the present, and I attribute Logan's douchiness towards Cap to the memory tampering he had from Weapon X.

Posted by Winter_Kills

The James Howlett story, the bone claws, all bullshit. Chris Claremont should be asked what his original plan for Logan's history was, if he even had one, and retcon everything else...

This 100%.