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Gotta love Ace the Bathound!!

Posted by 2cool4fun

I just want more of Krypto the Superdog!

Posted by 2cool4fun

I feel like aquaman should get a badass pet. I mean he has aquadog ( which is awesome, I feel like all 6 of the major heroes need a dog xD ( that's 3/6 so far ) ) but he should also have a pet for when he is in the watter. Something like a shark, or some mutated octopus.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Good topic Tony! I always wanted a pet hero series, but we rarely get any at all. The only one I knew was Pet Avengers and I didn't get a chance to read it because I was too busy with college at the time. Now that I am back into comics, there isn't any pet series, which is why I loved the Pizza Dog issue from Hawkeye and that Krypto issue in Action Comics. I just always grew up having pets and had a special connection with just loving animals. So, they need to have more pet series that I can relate too. I'm disappointed they didn't have Redwing in Captain America: Winter Soldier. But that's okay, I still loved Falcon and the movie itself. I just feel that need the animal characters become more involved and not just have them as background characters.

Posted by G_leno


Your last words say it all. We need more pets in comics. I liked the dynamic of Damian with Titus, and Titus hasn't been shown much since Robin was lost which is a shame. Battle-cat is another epic comic pet. More Krypto wouldn't hurt, although his role in Supeerboy was fine, I don't think he could hold down his own on-going these days. Of course they have given Joker's daughter Ugly cat as a pet.

Joker should have a Laughing hyena rather than Jackanapes.

Posted by hammers_of_justice

He was my Super Pet :(

Posted by mak13131313

More Bat-Cow!!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by 2cool4fun

Oh cool, didn't even know about him, would be nice if they brought him back.

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More Krypto and Ace!!!

Posted by Red_Vibe

@g_man: I don't know of you have done this yet, but you should do: sidekicks and their effect on their mentors and each other. I.e. Teen Titans!