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I'm just happy Sinestro is getting his own series.

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Now that we are getting a Sinestro series (which is awesome!), we need a Rogues series next!

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I don't know. Sometimes I'd like to read Villains being Villains but they've got to be "interesting." Maybe sort of in that "grey areas" but leaning or more towards the "black" (saying "black" is bad). It's just that we need to avoid the "mustache-twirling" evil, being evil for the sake of evilness.

I'm liking that we're getting more books that the villains are the focus. I really like Buccellato's take on the Rogues, saying they're the working class villains. Then there's Sinestro, Loki and Magneto and you could even say SpOck was sorta villain? anti-hero?

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a Doom ongoing would be amazing!

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Well so far we had a nice amount of villains books. Deathstroke, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Larfleeze & now Sinestro ( and if you count, Forever Evil & Arham War & Rouges Rebellion )

Though I just want a rouges series, they are the perfect people to give a series and leave them as villains, cause they don't kill, so seeing them win would actually be cool.

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DOOMSDAY should have a series, or DARKSEID.

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Superior Foes of Spider Man is the perfect way to approach a villains book.

They haven't switched them to tweener heroes, just created good entertaining characters who you can cheer for in the context of their underworld dealings. Obviously it does help that they're the type of villains motivated by self interest and greed moreso than sadistic disdain for others.

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Crime movies usually focus on what we deem the bad guy. I think villian ongoings can work, like Superior Foes, but they gotta be like the movies where the main character has some redeeming qualities. I wouldn't want a series of a dude just doing bad stuff and killing to no end. Superior Foes works because they're small time crooks who just happen to use powers to aid their criminal activities. They're not really evil characters set on some sort of domination plan. Deathstroke worked well too, similar to the Punisher.

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Tony, I don't know how you do it, but you manage to make me laugh every time you do these two minute timeouts. Well done!

"How do the villains dance?… We'll never know…."

And I second the motion for an ongoing Doom series!!

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I would love for The Rogues get their own series after all they're interesting after all they're blue-collar and don't kill. And there's a dynamic between Captain Cold and Heatwave that drives the whole thing!!

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I know right

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This was worth watching just to see G-Man dance. While I do like the idea of villains getting their own series, I just hope they can keep them interesting, engaging, and try to have them come across in a fresh-ish way. I know I'm asking too much but I was immediately taken by Magneto when I first saw him and think he needs a good writer to not only further develop and push his powers, but to also take his personality in a new direction.