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Posted by Asok
@kimeraevet: My intent was not to be condescending or trollish.  I was stating a fact.  I am equally excited.  I apologize for offending you.
Posted by zero6

i know who im playing as now!!

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it's official - i'm in love with this game   <3<3<3   :D
I know a few people that aren't too happy with two-face's voice, though - it's not bad, just lacking   :(

Posted by Aiden Cross

That looks really good! But i'm still not a huge fan of playing as Catwoman...

Posted by thewidowsbite

Apparently Talia's going to be in the game as well. Other than a love triangle between her, Catwoman and Batman, I would love for her to be a boss enemy for Catwoman. That would be very interesting...
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

ooooh he said a bad word

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gonna be in line for this

Posted by Samimista


Posted by battyfan1

wow that was sexy and she looks so much like a cat........i love how she is true to the character of catwoman so far .........NOt a fan of two face though......he could be done better

Posted by DomDom

Cannnnnn't Waiiiiiiiit!  Already got it on pre-order =D
Posted by ssejllenrad

Batman should say.. "COME HERE!" ala-Scorpion...

Posted by Labyrinth

Awesome indeed!

Posted by x_lover1

What are you, 8?

Posted by artint

This will be one of the few games i plan on platinum-ing this year.

Posted by aboutnici

I've always love the banter between Batman and Catwoman, I can't wait until I play this game!
Posted by ArtJoker

Two face hired Wolverine voice actor for extra muscle

Posted by Death Certificate


Posted by shawn87

I'm sure season 2 will be just as good as the first season if not better, but this wasn't the greatest teaser trailer to get fans excited. 

Posted by Rudyftw


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I'm Guessing This Has Been Said, But If You Record The Audio And Then Reverse It, You Can Tell What They're Saying When The Audio Is Garbled. Not Really That Interesting Though. 
Anyway, Gameplay Looks Awesome, I Wish After (Or Instead Of) The Nolan Films, They Would Do Full Length CGI Films Using Conroy As Batman And The Whole Team Behind The Arkham Games.

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Looks good

Posted by GT-Man

Come On! they could of made Wolverine's Voice Actor someone better than just a henchy :(
Posted by LordTaronji101

just preordered so excited

Posted by Joygirl

She'll probably wear the goggles in detective mode. Also, baby got BACK.