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Posted by MrCipher

YAY they brought back Cap! No one saw this coming right!?
Posted by brewski420

yea its great that steve rogers is returning. def not to soon for his return. he makes a return ready to take down norman osborn. i bought this wednesday just haven't read it yet. im very excited.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

 It's not much of a spoiler in Iron Man if the title 5 months ago was named Captain America: Reborn. Maybe I have read too many comic books for me not to be surprised by any character coming back. 
I mean, comics jumped the shark with Barry Allen. These characters are Name Brands at this point.

Posted by brewski420
@Dr. Detfink:
yea why anyone would be surprised about a character coming back from the dead is beyond me. i mean come on, BUCKY BARNES!
Posted by War Killer

Even though Steve's been appearing in Iron Man and in the New Avengers Annual, I still oved the issue, maybe it's that I'm a huge Cap fun or maybe it was the Avengers fighting an army of M.O.D.O.K.'s in DC? Whatever the reason, I loved this issue, and are looking forward to #6 and Cap's monthly title returning with a bang.

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What is Pepper looking at? Maybe that's how she was so sure it was really him.
When I learned that Cap was consciously going through his past. I was more curious what was going to happen when he got to the Civil War era of his life and the moments before he was shot.

Posted by Jamiracles

I'd think it would be more a question of why is Steve's return  spoiled in other stories before the completion of the Reborn series. They probably have some sort of little twist or additional detail to make the plot surprising, no?

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i love cap. i love that cap is coming back. what i want to know is whats up with Bucky? Where does this leave Barnes dammit! he won my heart as Captain America 2! i liked Bucky so much as Cap that i was disappointed to hear Cap was coming back. 
just to show you where i stand, Cap is not in my pull list at my store at the moment. i wont go into it here, but sacrifices needed to be made financially and Cap was one of them. Batman however is still on my list. I love Batman. I'm disappointed in Dick. Now, Bucky as Captain America does everything right where Dick Grayson as Batman does everything fail. Example: Bucky as Cap nails the Black Widow: Success. Dick Grayson asBatman nails... probably his hand (oh wait.. yea, right... Barbara... probably not). Bucky as Captain America respected by his peers and feared as his previous alias Winter Soldier: Success. Dick Grayson as Batman gets intimidated and mocked by the pre-teen clone-son of his mentor: Fail.
Maybe they should make Bucky Barnes the new batman.
i dont care. I just want to keep reading Bucky as Cap.
now that the flamingo thing is over, i might actually dump batman & robin for Cap...
its so hard cause i love Damien tho..

Posted by mrduckluck

I prefer bucky as cap than steve
Posted by HaloKing343

Darn you Marvel continuity.

Posted by G-Man
@HaloKing343: Maybe I should've used that as the subtitle in the video.
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Posted by crazed_h3ro
LoL No one knew *wink* ; )
Posted by Nova`Prime`

Good review, I am alittle surprised Marvel is reveiling Steve being normal in so many issues when Reborn isn't even over. But I guess they needed to rush his return with the other titles to bring it in with Siege. Sounds like someone was asleep at the planning meeting. But its not like we knew Cap wasn't coming back, we just don't know how its going to come about really. Hey at least they aren't bring him back as a child, Kid Zeus anyone?

Posted by Marshal Victory

probly get this series when its in trade paper back .kinda think their sould be some cosmic cube in their .that would at least acount for some of time travelish .

Posted by sora_thekey

New Avengers Annual... also ruined the excitement of CA: Reborn.... (like I said in my video review...)
Posted by nofx4021

Was that a World of warcraft sound effect used for the horse?

Posted by hunter4prezadent

we at least still need the back story if how he returned, so I still like REBORN

Posted by Blue_Shield

Even though we know Steve is coming back, the story and art is great.  I'm just surprised it took this long.
Posted by G-Man
@nofx4021: It was just some generic horse sound.  Not sure if it's the same as used in World of Warcraft.  I just needed a sound for the posse.
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Posted by speedlgt

i think this truly is a testment to the writer because to be able to take a character as loved as Steve Rogers kill him and have his sidekick Bucky take the Title Rank and role of captain america  and WIN the love of Steve fans is just great work. I really love how he even made bucky slow rise to be respected by the avengers become an avenger and really it was just a matter of time untill he Lead the avengers. ( but barton is doing a fine job) 
like other i am happy to see steve back but I was so in to Cap 2 that i didnt want him back yet. Now several things will change What happens to buck? what happens to Barton command? will there be 2 caps? who gets the shield?  
all in all I am down this issue was very good IMO some of the others were just build up and kinda showing the same thing but I liked this one and Hope the next one is just a good
Posted by Illuminarch

How on Earth could this have been spoiled only recently? The title is "Captain America: Reborn." It was announced many months ago, and they even said, "Yes, it means Steve Rogers is coming back."

Posted by lakilakester

whats gonne happin to buck
Posted by G-Man
To everyone saying that Steve's return has already been spoiled by the title, yeah I agree to an extent (and mentioned it in the video).  BUT just because he's coming back doesn't mean he would've stayed Captain America.  He has gone by under aliases before including Nomad and The Captain.  Maybe he would've let Bucky keep the title as he's 'earned' it.  There's also the possibility that he wouldn't return at 100%.  Maybe he ends up in a wheelchair like Barbara Gordon and takes a more behind-the-scenes leadership role.  We saw his body all messed up after he was "shot."  Maybe the super-soldier serum just doesn't work.
@speedlgt: I agree.  Bucky was always untouchable in terms of resurrections.  Brubaker did it and made it work. Just in the comments here alone we see people saying they want Bucky to stay as Cap.  I can't wait to see what's next for Bucky.
Posted by crowncoke

I know I am stretching, but what about the Grand Director?   
We have not seen him since his escape, nor have we seen but a profile shot of Cap from the Siege teasers.  If Red Skull has Cap's body, why not use the next best thing?   
I know its not going to happen this way, but IF I was the editors at Marvel and put all the effort into bringing him back and still had to have his interactions in other titles (and showing previews of those titles) I would make sure to throw a HUGE twist in the climax of the story that most would not see or think about.
Posted by InnerVenom123

Was I the only one to notice that for months this had been advertised as a 5 issue book, and now it's all of the sudden got one more issue? It even said "1 out of 5" or "2 out of give" on the earlier issues, and now this has "5 out of 6".... was this an error, or an intentional kind of twist?
Posted by G-Man
@InnerVenom123: They decided to extend it an issue at some point.  I forget when it was announced.
Posted by drawme

Shame on you Marvel!