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The sexiness distracts her enemies.

PS I love that picture of you and Dave.

PPS Double sided tape.

Posted by Neverpraying

I like impossible outfits on the ladies. ;)

Posted by MrMazz

Tony I'm no fashion expert perhaps this is a question better left to Sara

I thought it was like here tele powers keeping it up

Posted by CoolHand

Tony, there's is one person and one person only with the knowledge about this type of thing. And you happen to work right next to her...Sara to the rescue!

Also, this is some great commentary. Truly flummoxed by the age old question. Well done sir.

Posted by LordLOC

Obviously, the laws of physics from our world don't apply to the world of the X-Men and/or comics in general. That, or she has even MOAR powers than she's shown previously and she may even get a tertiary mutation!!!!

Posted by Vyper

This is both the best and most awkward video whiskey media has ever done hahaha. Bravo Tony!

My guess is super-tape...or she has implants (not those kind of implants, I'm talking like small metal bits) of some kind that have a sort of magnetic attraction (or some other attractive force) to parts of her clothes.

I don't even know why I'm trying to reason this out...

Posted by Sparklykiss

Oh good lord. I have this theory that maybe she's wearing a skin tight leotard with those adhered to it. It's completely possible. That is the only way I can explain because the "details" on her upper half would be totally exposed otherwise.

Posted by Ultimate_MiracleMan

You want an answer? Ask Frank Quietly(that's how you spell his name right?)

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Mad Props Tony for busting out the almost never heard male version of the "Said" phrase

Posted by dcfox

This reminds me of that line from a recent of issue of X-Factor concerning "SAG". Emma Frost might not be the only female character in Marvel defying the laws of physics.

Posted by buhssuht

my guess, there is invisible tapes sticking them together

Posted by RaduRader

Was that Adam West's voice at the end?

Posted by thveej

lol i love how confused Tony is about this the whole time...... that top zipper really confuses me. WHAT DOES IT ZIP UP? her cape? i dunno man ........... comics

Posted by Jolt92

That thumbnail is great.

Emma Frost's costume is indeed an unsolved mystery, and I think you bring up the only possibilities that I can come up with!

Funny video, I'm really liking these subscriber videos. We might not be many that comment on these but I sure appreciate them.

Posted by AngeTheDude

Nipple stickies would be my guess.

Posted by KiddoMac

It might have something do to with most female characters being oversexualised and the compulsion of the artists to put Xses everywhere, but im not quite sure… ;-)

Anyway: Hooray for boobies!!

Posted by GothamRed

double sided tape

Posted by Bobzenub

It's hilarious how embarrassed Americans can get when they have to discuss something related to sexuality.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

She's Emma ☠☠☠☠ Frost, her outfits need no explanation.

Posted by kennybaese

@ApatheticAvenger said:

She's Emma ☠☠☠☠ Frost, her outfits need no explanation.

Bingo. I always thought she went around mostly naked because she was Emma Frost and she couldn't care less what other people thought.

Posted by churrific

This was the best kind of awkward.

Posted by MAJID

I love Tony.

Posted by gpbmike

I went to Kublacon this year and sat for one of the "War College" lectures where the lecturer spoke about Roman warfare. Anyway, one of the points he made is that they learn a lot from reenactors who dress up in the armor and gear and go on marches and what not. Clearly we should be looking to the Emma Frost cosplayers to see how these outfits work!

Posted by papo

Emma's powers let her project her image how ever she wants to the people around her

Posted by Christina

Double sided boob tape.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

One word.......pasties.

Don't you remember back when Catwoman had that purple costume. It was one piece and so skin tight you could see her navel and ribs. How did she get in and out of that thing?

Posted by thanosrules

@papo said:

Emma's powers let her project her image how ever she wants to the people around her

+ 1

Posted by LiK

Double sided tape obviously.