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Haha is it just me or does James have a food stain on his shirt?

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@wardishy: lol no it's the polo emblem

This is by far my favourite Bat book and now it's the only one I'm reading.

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@jonny_anonymous: I see it now! Oops.

Is it that good? There's no way I can keep up with a weekly book but I can buy at my own pace digitally so that's no big. I do like Zero Year but it's not hooking me as much as Snyder's previous stories and I've wanting to try this out.

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@wardishy: Yea I really like it, it expands on the whole of Gotham and I really like that. I mean I do love Scott Snyder but I dropped off Batman after Death of the Family because his New 52 stuff just wasn't catching me and it never quite lives up to Black Mirror or Gates of Gotham but with Batman Eternal Scott, James and all the writers seem to bring out the best in each other and it has been really good so far.

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@jonny_anonymous: Sounds like my kind of book then! I actually liked Black Mirror and Gates of Gotham the best as well, with Court of Owls coming third. I guess that speaks to me that Scott works better when he has access to a wider Gotham "universe"? In those two books he had all the old continuity and it threaded together really well. Plus I loved his rapport between Tim and Dick. Since this is going to be more expanded than his solo Bat-book it might be my cup of tea.

My only issue is that I don't know when or how certain characters will pop up and how much of the book they will take up, since the focus is split. It would suck to get stuck in arc just focusing on Batgirl or another character I don't care much for.

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@wardishy: So far each issue has jumped back and forth between a few characters so you shouldn't get stuck on one character and even if you did it's a weekly so it won't be for too long

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This is definitly the best Batbook right now.I am really digging what has been happening so far.

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This book is awesome! That's all that needs to be said.

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Excellent and cool video interview with most of the creators there. I'm one of those that was very on the fence of getting into a weekly series. I'm glad I did, I'm loving this so far. Not only has it been great, but it's clearly setting up the entire Bat Universe going forward. If you're a Batman, Gotham, Bat Family fan, I highly recommend checking this out. Especially while there is still time to get on at the beginning.

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Hahaha, Dustin made a Batman entrance.

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Cool interview, I actually thought Finch was doing the art.

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@rustyroy: Jason Fabok actually studied under David Finch for a while, so his style does have a similar look at times. I actually am starting to like Fabok's art more, though; it sort of has a Jim Lee quality mixed in with the David Finch look, in my opinion.

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@billy_cobb: Yeah I forgot about that and I also prefer his art over Finch's.

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I hate how Tynion writes Batman.....

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@rustyroy said:

I actually thought Finch was doing the art.

Me too.

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I wonder if we'll see Simon Dark.

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..So you'd take Eternal over Zero Year and Detective Comics? gonna be hard to keep up with a weekly!