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Kyle Higgins is a really nice guy. Also, heck yeah for head canon! That is basically the only way I've been able to tolerate the New 52. I don't care who tells me the Titans never existed; they did in my head and that's all that matters.

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Dick visting a old foe:)

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Sorry to say Tony, but it was really hard to hear what Kyle was saying in some places.

Besides that, just the usual feeling of disappointment I have over DC's line regarding the Titans.

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Kyle Higgins is amazing.

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LOL. Look at his face.

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is nightwing worth picking up now, or should i wait for trade?

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In true comic fashion, fight then team up.

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Gosh, I should read Nightwing. Had no idea about that revelation. Sad regarding the fact that the classical Teen Titans have apparently been retconned out of existence in DC's New 52 though :/ And I say team up...fight is too cliche now between them two, at least that's how it was in the past. Team up!

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Fight is the only answer to this.

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@Superguy0009e said:

is nightwing worth picking up now, or should i wait for trade?

The first trade should be coming out soon (if it hasn't already) and you could always just start picking it up monthly from there? It shouldn't be too hard to find the gap issues between what's in the trade and now.

It's definitely worth buying as soon as it comes out, IMO.

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@Superguy0009e: well issue 8 came out today and its kicking off the night of the owls with batman. and its self contained. and it has to do more with dicks history and his great grandfather and how he joined the talons and more revlations of what halys circus really is. and yaa you hsould pick up the first trade it was good. but id start picking up issue now.

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TEAM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please, not fight again! Jason Todd already grew outta that crazy villainy person. He is a much better person now.

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team up!

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team up but have you guys seen the synopsis for batman and robin 10 where all of the robins team up.

like how snyder is walking around in the background

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A team up would allow for much more tension between the two and a much more interesting story.

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Higgins is the sh!t, so pissed about DS #9 the writing was trash, like reading a long-winded rpg post by a guy who has no idea how to make you believe the character said it. really crappy idea to take out Higgins

also, my job requires that I can read body language, and when he speaks of liefield he isn't a fan of the guy either

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@Pixel_Kaiser: You're missing out on a lot of great reads if you're still on the anti-New 52 boat.