Posted by Billy Batson

You asked him about Scalped? :D
AND MORE CREATOR-OWNED? :D I knew there was going to be more but still.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Aaron looks like he should be cruising around on a chopped Triton, awesome 

Posted by NXH

Interesting inteview :)

Posted by Pixel_Kaiser

Informative interview, but man, is it just me or did Jason seem really uncomfortable? Weird, brief pauses before every answer.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

::Gasps:: A DC fan as a kid! For shame! "Other ways to lose than just dying...." that sure does make me more curious now about AvX though...

Posted by thatlad

If Alan Moore had a bald son.....

What's going on with the video quality, was this recorded on a nokia phone from 2004?

Posted by HibikiRush

Yeesh I wish ComicVine had their own dedicated video person... I mean I'm glad there is content from C2E2 but this quality is TERRIBLE. The white balance is so off... It's blue!