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Love Scott Snyder - I'm really interested in his take on Dick's optimism vs. the Gotham jadedness, and I can't wait to see what he does with James Jr.  His insight into the motives and resulting actions of the variety of humanity found in Gotham is really fascinating, and I think quite good. 

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Can't wait for all the Bat-related stuff.
Also, returning characters? Yay! Cass Cain finally! :'3

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Great interviews. Scott Snyder, you just overtook Warren Ellis as my favorite writer. Very cool, very appreciative, and willing to explore with your narrative as well as try to build Dick a world of his own.

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I love Tony's face at the end of this video. 

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Awesome stuff!

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I dont get it. He wont be leaving after 881, right!?
Really like this fella. 

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I know right! I really, really wish he was staying on Detective. gonna miss this team sooooo much :( 
Seriously, he needs to be writing the main Title with Tomasi/Gleason staying on Batman & Robin.  
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Love it.
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That was a good video.

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I really hope he meant story at 881 and not series.  Snyder leaving Detective so soon would be such a bummer since his run so far has been amazing.

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I heard also his series at 881, most likely meaning that creative team is done with detective to make way for a new creative team, its been like that over the yrs. im gonna miss snyder, jock, and francavilla sigh :( 
whichever creative team that has to follow up after that trio is gonna have a hard time filling those shoes

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Snyder is frackin' awesome. 'Nuff said.
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This guy is awesome.  In direct contrast to Matt Fraction, who came off as a complete prat in the interview. 

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@waruikumo: I love interviewing Fraction. It's always a blast.
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Batman: The Return of the Crowbar.

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I must be really be the only one who does'nt find his batman work engaging at all,even daniel does a better job for me.
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Yes, you are the only person lol :P Daniel made me stop reading Batman. 
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@JonesDeini said:
" @entropy_aegis:  Yes, you are the only person lol :P Daniel made me stop reading Batman.  "

LOL,his writing his excellent but i guess it's the feel/environment which is turning me down.
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@G-Man: Now...is there anything with Superman?
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@Primmaster64: I haven't heard anything. I was supposed to talk to Paul Cornell but our schedule's didn't line up. :(
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@G-Man: -
:( When you hear anything of Supes..will you post it sir?
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I just re-read black mirror,i think i changed my mind.
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What a lovely, soft spoken, intelligent man.  Always make room for Detective in my wallet, loving the idea that Gotham itself seems to adjust to the anyone who wants to do good, like an immune system of your fears.

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This is the fearsome Scott Synder!? Bwahaha... he actually seems pretty cool.

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Barbara & Dick:)