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I love Comic Vine.

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Comic book writers know about comicvine?

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He's such a cool guy. American Vampire is definitely some of the best comics I've been reading.

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Such good news that Albuquerque is back. Great video Snyder is the best, waiting for the second part about Detective.

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I think I might get American Vampire #13 I've heard the book is good so I think I'll get the book.

One of the best serie with Scalped right now.I love created owned stuff...Keep the awesome work Scott.

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I really like him.

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I've gotten every issue so far, and have not been disappointed.  I love the fashion and automobiles from the early part of last century, and it was nice to see it displayed so well.  This is a great series and this new WWII arc sounds like it has a lot of promise!  There's still so much they could experience!  Submarines, the Cold war, Asian vampires, the middle east/Africa/Egypt, the introduction of computers, and improved tracking/profiling of individuals via databases, cameras, cellphones etc...  

Keep up the good work guys!

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Scott Snyder is on a roll. I'm glad  Albuquerque will be back, i had to get the hardcover and then start with 6. im glad i jumped on this series. His work on American Vampire & Detective have been consistently good every month. I can't wait for his 2 mini-series to come out this summer in Gates of Gotham & American Vampire mini. He's also got me interested in his flashpoint mini of superman but since it involves flashpoint which im not pulling, ill just wait til it comes out on trade to read it

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" One of the best serie with Scalped right now.I love created owned stuff...Keep the awesome work Scott. "
I really want to meet Scott Snyder, he's a beast at writing
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Snyder's become one of my favorite writers with his work on Detective Comics. And I feel like an ass for skipping out on American Vampire. I was all vampired out, but his take on the mythos is fresh and interesting. I'm gonna have to jump on with issue 13 and get the other issues in trade.  Seem's like a genuinely nice guy. 

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I'm gonna start with 13 and  write a review just for Scott :D

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Awesome interview! XD
Great guy! 
Read his book, yo! 
You heard the man!

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loved the interview, glad you asked the question about the future...I always wondered if they planned to take the series that far but it's cool to know they have some sort of ending planned but a lot more stories to tell
I think the idea of having a miniseries coming out at the same time as the arc in the main series which takes place at the same time is ingenious and having Sean Murphy do the art was the best idea they could have had...ah, I loved his City of Demons so much, he needs to be the regular artist on something!

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I would highly recommend reading American Vampire from the first issue that has a co story written by Stephen King. They all compliment each other really well. In a world of Vampires that take their shirts off to be sexy, it is refreshing they have written a vampire story as such. Snyder's first Detective Comic's Batman story was awesome as well! Scott is on fire!

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I think I'm gonna buy the trade.. because the man's a gent.