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I love Skottie!

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he does. i know. he said so.
 i like it too. Only thing ive liked about deadpool these last few months....

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Yeah! Skottie has a really unique art style that stands out from all the other artists today. I'd love to have a copy of Junk, but I just checked his site, and I can't afford $40. 
Why, oh, why do art books have to be so expensive?

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I like Cinnamon Chex, Life, or Banana Nut Crunch cereals.
I really liked his Spider-man and Deadpool cover. It was really clever and well done.

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videos arent working for me???

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Congratulations to Mr. Skottie Young and his new baby!

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Skottie Young owns. Love his surreal, graffiti sorta style.

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Spiderman  611 is one of my favorite covers.
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Awesome artist! 
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Very good art, nice dude.

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why does everyone look like they were up all night getting ripped
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I want to see his Green Goblin.  Have an idea that would be amazing 
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Skottie Young is a cool cat.  I started following him on Twitter SOLELY to see all the new art he does the minute he posts it up.  Fantastic artist, very fresh and unique in a medium such as this. 
Also...I seriously hope he DOES draw some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I wanna see it!

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Skottie Young seems like an awesome guy

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He is the sh!t. seriously. when i first saw his art at a glance it looked like a cartoon, but when you sit down
with it its really complex, detailed and ingenious. I check this guys galleries constantly.
Speaking of his silly WFC covers, this was my favorite. Still makes me laugh.
Cereal is awesome BTW, no shame in that.

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Damnit!  I can't watch videos at work... I'll have to wait till this evening to watch this (Can't wait! :)

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That was a great interview!  And the cereal question through him off ;) 
Skottie Young is one of my favourite artists.  I'm happy to always support him by buying from skottieyoung.com.  I'm just waiting for the day when he teams up on a project with Humberto Ramos.  Then I'll be in fan-girl heaven.

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You're camera man must be so cool. I bet he has a cool hat.
I loved being there for that interview. It was one of the two or three I was actually around for. He was a super-cool guy.