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Posted by growup

But seriously, am I alone in thinking everything Mr Quesada said regarding O.M.I.T seemed a tad seemed a tad over rehearsed?

Posted by Aspenite

This was very informative. I want to see that untold Spidey story.

Posted by xerox_kitty

It helps being the boss.  That way when he decides he wants to be the one to tell & hype up a story, he can green flag it.  

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ah. cant wait. i was just saying to someone i liked what was going on, i just felt it went on for
longer than it should have. good to hear there was a substantial reason for that. you scooped good G-Man, thank you so

Posted by warlock360

Honestly, G-Man were you a bit nervous? ^^

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Man you must have caught him on a bad day, he looked haggard.
Also should I be scared he's talking about continuity?

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He's a nice guy. Looking forward to The Heroic Age.
Great Interview, G-Man!

Posted by goldenkey

He looks like up all night doing the shit.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Good stuff.

Posted by sora_thekey

A lot of info in this interview.... My biggest intrest now is O.M.I.T. 
Joe Q said that after OMIT there will be no more questions on OMD... For some reason I am thinking that whatever MJ whispered to Mephisto will not be revealed and that's the other story Quesada wants to write...
Posted by jlat89
yeah I read another interview with him about OMIT and it was basically word for word
Posted by daveydavey

Cant wait for O.M.I.T.
Posted by Comiclove5
@Aspenite said:
"This was very informative. I want to see that untold Spidey story. "

Agreed, it is a very interesting Idea.
Posted by doordoor123

were you not there sunday?
the x-men thing was revealed.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

That chick in the Robin outfit made me laugh :P

Posted by mrrpm01

Gr8 interview I like that he didn't tell us to much about OMIT just enough to peek my interest the end of the interview looked like how at the beginning or end of an awkward meeting how you don't really know if you should hand shake or high five or what..lol.

Posted by geraldthesloth

Wow G-Man congrats on even getting an interview with Joe!

Posted by InnerVenom123

Yeah, that other story is probably what MJ was whispering to Mephisto.

Posted by G-Man
@Voidheart: Honestly, not really. You sorta get into a zone. And after you do a bunch in a day, you almost go on autopilot. It's a great rush running around and asking these cool questions.
@doordoor123: This interview was early Saturday. I thought it was so cool that he talked to us about O.M.I.T. before it was officially announced at the Spider-Man panel (I made sure no one was around listening in).  
@geraldthesloth: Joe's a very cool, down to earth guy. Great to talk to.
Posted by doordoor123
@G-Man:  i know. I saw you saturday morning and never saw you again.
Posted by Derfla.Y.Levolcmp

Quesada shouldn't be allowed to play with Spider-man.  His Brand New Day nonsense is unforgivable.

Posted by Suigetsu

fck sake, being the favorite character of the editor in chief could be a double edged sword... either pretty good or tremendously bad.

Posted by panda21595

Great Interview (much better than watching it from a distance lol) I went to the animation panel, where they talked about Spectacular SpiderMan and Wolverine and the X-men (both cancelled D:) and the avengers cartoon which was cool, OMIT sounds to me like a retcon but who knows.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
 I had to work up to watch this one. It's because of Quesada that I've been pretty well fed up with Spider-man now. Thanks to the whole O.M.D. and B.N.D.. There is also the utterly laughable debacle on the Marvel.com Message boards. Where the topics of O.M.D. and B.N.D. are completely forbidden. Any mention of these stories in the threads are removed by moderators, pro and con. What kind of publisher forbids the discussion of the stories they create?
There was also his comment about readers not being able to relate to a married hero. That felt like such a huge load. That's what the Ultimate and Marvel Adventures series are for. By making that statement it pretty much just supports the very thing that turns me off about the major comic publishers. They will never let the stories move forward and progress. It will always be static with that kind of leadership at the helm. They could of used the idea to do something dramatically new with Spider-man's personal life, but they appear to just be putting him right back with Mary Jane. What is the point of even caring what they do with these two? It will never go anywhere.
As far as O.M.I.T. goes. I can easily pass. I find it laughable that he would even comment on the words "Spider-man" and "continuity" together after what that farce.
Oh, what the cuss?! So, Heroic Age is yet another in their series of Year-Long-Events?
Posted by victorvndoom

wjhy does hero age last only one year :p why can it last forever ? am in a depression mood now ...there should be a bright light at the end of the evil norman tunnel :) But one year..i look forward to another invasion, siege etc :p

Posted by zero man